Agile Project Management with erxes

Co-workers discussing a project besides a project management statistic for agile management in IT

From the start of human civilization, we depended on completing various projects to advance our life. Our ancestors’ first significant project was hunting and gathering. Next was agricultural, and the one after that was industrial. Even though modern project management has its roots back in the 1950s, we can all agree that it has its origins even from ancient times. 

Today, we can see that most organizations prefer agile project management, which even influenced the well-known DevOps. 

The first time I came into contact with this terminology was during my university years. I still remember that the number one key differentiator between standard project management and agile project management is that agile is iterative. Also, it is fast and produces deliverables that are more superior to the old ones. 

Every organization needs agile project management before they embark on a quest that affects a lot of stakeholders at once. They also should use technology to help them get through the project fast but effectively. With that in mind, erxes is the right solution for your future projects.

Project Management Software called erxes shown with its dashboard

You can use erxes as an agile project management tool by: 

  • Dividing up the process by creating boards and pipelines
  • Assigning specific tasks for the team members
  • Putting deadlines for the various tasks
  • Iterate the process in seconds by dragging and dropping
  • Starting a timer for each job to monitor overall performance
  • Give and receive updates by notes and checklists
  • Control costs through custom created properties
  • Manage each process of the project by quickly accessing each pipeline
  • Workers update on the process even during physical work through a mobile app
  • Send automatic emails to the sponsor or internally when the project finishes or changes stages, and much more!

You can try erxes right away by signing up and learning more about how to set up erxes for agile project management in six steps!