Common customer experience mistakes to avoid

Although 80% of executives believe they fully meet their customer’s needs, only 8% agree. As their expectations are not met, 56% of customers choose to walk away from an organization. About 47% prefer to use another brand if they have negative experiences. There are many avoidable mistakes that organizations overlook. By familiarizing yourself with these, you can optimize your customers’ experience. These mistakes include:

1. Not prioritizing the customer’s journey

Customers go through a unique journey from the moment they discover a brand to become loyal customers. They interact with all touchpoints in the customer journey. Wrong impressions during any of these points become a pain point for customers. A pain point is a problem that may bother customers when they are purchasing a good. For example, if an online store’s pay menu doesn’t work, the user may get frustrated. Thus, that step in the customer’s journey becomes a pain point. If an organization fails to work on these pain points, it will lose customers.

2. Not having a clear call to action

When marketing activities or messages are vague and unorganized, customers will become confused. Clear instructions in your marketing content are crucial to avoid negative experiences. Without clear calls of action, the rest of your marketing efforts may go to waste. So, it’s vital to guide your customers to avoid confusion efficiently.

3. Not using the customer’s data

Customers provide a lot of valuable data when using a company’s services or buying a product. So, while making marketing or operational decisions, use customer data properly. It helps avoid negative experiences and competitive disadvantages.

4. Not connecting with customers on multiple channels

Having many channels for customers to contact the organization is vital. Having many channels provides opportunities to communicate and buy products in apt ways.  For example, it’s not suitable to send information via email to someone who often does not use their email. Connecting with customers through various channels helps keep everyone well informed and pleased.

5. Not providing a personalized experience

It’s vital to balance focus on getting new customers and maintaining current customers. You should always provide personalized help to new and old customers. Provide personalized customer experiences to reduce the risk of losing loyal customers.

Why is this important?

Addressing these listed issues helps your organization become more customer-centric. By acknowledging and improving on these common customer experience mistakes, you can:

  • Optimize operational and marketing decision
  • Improve the quality of customer service
  • Reduce inefficient costs
  • Create a customer database 
  • Become a customer-centric organization

These also enable you to increase your sales. For example, 49% of customers make unplanned purchases after receiving a personalized experience. Thus, it is crucial to use the above information to improve customers’ experience.

What is the solution?

To avoid these mistakes, you will need a variety of technological solutions. You can find all these solutions on the erxes platform:

  • View all customer information and history from the Contacts menu.
  • Make clear calls to action and never leave your customers hanging by creating highly customizable popups, forms, and embedded placements with our Forms feature.
  • Record and track any activities on your website with the Event Tracking feature.
  • Combine real-time client and team communication and stay in sync with the omnichannel Team Inbox.
  • You can fully personalize emails and messages via the message Attributes within the Campaign feature.

If you want to focus on boosting your customer experience, sign up for free. You can also contact us by chat via the chat in the lower right corner to get a free personalized consultation.