Boost Your Business with erxes XOS: A Comprehensive Solution for Streamlined Operations (Yoshinoya Mongolia)

Franchising has become an increasingly popular business model in recent years as it offers the opportunity for businesses to expand their brand by partnering with local companies. One such partnership is between Yoshinoya, a Japanese fast food chain renowned as the first and the largest chain of beef bowls , and UB Group, the exclusive franchisee chosen to represent Yoshinoya in Mongolia. UB Group’s selection was based on their appreciation of Yoshinoya’s core values, which prioritize healthy and nutritious food options, essential for today’s busy lifestyle. The partnership aims to bring a unique blend of international standard food and a sense of home to Mongolia. Our centralized platform, erxes XOS, handles all types of customer relationship management, sales, and operations, which streamlines and ensures the success of Yoshinoya in Mongolia.

Eliminate manual sales records.

The burden of manual sales record management is eliminated with our POS orders which offer a centralized and accurate recording of all sales transactions, providing a clear view of your revenue streams. Separate visibility of income via cash, card, and mobile, as well as the total order number and amount, simplifies sales performance monitoring. Time interval product sales analysis highlights the top-performing products during specific times of the day.

Multitasking POS

Our versatile online POS system, accessible through both web and mobile channels, enhances time efficiency by assigning orders to the nearest in-store POS. The innovative “Erkhet sync” feature streamlines the process further by automatically transmitting bills and invoices to the registered phone number or email, enabling seamless management and customization of delivery stages and product information on the menu.

Centralized Customer Database Solution

Our system integrates the “Contacts” and “Client Portal” plugins, resulting in a seamless collection and compilation of customer data from the moment of sign-up. This comprehensive database, containing information such as email, mobile number, personal details, session count, registration date, and last order date, serves as a valuable resource for food franchises looking to strengthen their customer relationships.

Streamlined Sales Pipeline

Complete visibility into all delivery details, including customer information, ordered products, and net price, is gained through our intuitive Sales Pipeline. The delivery status is also readily available, with options for “on its way,” “delivered,” and “canceled.” This allows the company and the customer to track orders, ensure delivery, and stay updated throughout the process.

Clear visuals for reporting 

The Reports plugin has been developed specifically for companies and is intended to facilitate the creation, management, and automation of detailed reports without requiring manual coding. It is not only easy to use but also highly effective in presenting data clearly and concisely. It offers different types of visualizations, such as charts and graphs, which help to make reports easy to understand, highlighting both the positive and negative aspects of product performance. 

Effortless System Configurations

The “Client Portal” plugin offers a comprehensive solution to simplify system configurations through an easy verification process. Its seamless integration makes sending Mobile OTPs, confirmation emails, and invitations more efficient and straightforward.

Efficient HR application

The HR application, powered by the Forms plugin, streamlines the recruitment process by eliminating the need for third-party platforms or manual applications. The plugin’s customizable capabilities align with the specific requirements of each job vacancy, ensuring a tailored and efficient recruitment experience. By streamlining the process and fostering ease, simplicity, and convenience, the HR application optimizes the recruitment process, saving valuable time and resources.

Strengthened Customer Relationships with “Loyalty”

Customers are engaged by offering them vouchers, lottery, and spin options. Also, the Loyalty plugin allows users to participate in assignments to earn additional rewards and exchange vouchers with each other. This feature promotes customer engagement and creates a sense of community, encouraging repeat business and fostering long-lasting relationships.

erxes XOS offers a comprehensive solution for food franchises, providing a range of features such as a POS system with centralized and accurate recording of all sales transactions, a versatile POS system, a centralized customer database, streamlined sales pipeline, clear visuals for reporting, effortless system configurations, an efficient HR application, and a loyalty plugin to strengthen customer relationships. Plus, there are many more plugins available on our marketplace that can further boost work productivity. To fully unlock the potential of erxes XOS, interested users can fill out this form to learn more about the system and how it can benefit their business.

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