Erxes v0.10.0 release information

This release includes the following updates & fixes:

Breaking changes:

  • Stopped using redis as message broker & use rabbitmq instead.
  • is required in order to run engage properly.
  • The following language codes have been renamed (np -> hi, jp -> ja, kr -> ko, ptBr -> pt-br, vn -> vi, zh -> zh-cn).
  • REACT_APP_INTEGRATIONS_API_URL has been removed from dot env config.

What’s new:

  • Engage messages sent from customer detail page now shows preview of the message.
  • loadPermission command has been added to load initial user groups & related permissions.
  • User permissions can be restricted by brands. To do so, set USE_BRAND_RESTRICTIONS variable to true in erxes-api dot env config.
  • Selected deal/task/tickets re-open when user reloads the page.
  • Knowledge base articles now have reactions. With this, one can know if the articles are helpful to the users.
  • Messenger integrations now have detailed installation instructions in install code window.
  • Indonesian has been added.


  • Large momentjs usage has been replaced with smaller dayjs resulting smaller bundle size & faster page load.
  • File attachment is available in deals, tasks & tickets.

To see more details, visit our github pages: