Erxes v0.11.2 release information

Release Date: Dec. 15 2019

Erxes 0.11.2 release contains many new features, resolved issues and improvements. Major features of the 0.11.2 series, compared to release v0.11.1.

What’s new:

  • Merge customer and company according to the similar data. Once first name, last name, primary email and phone number is same, it could be merged on database.
  • Added code field on customer in order to identify unique user. On code field, user can register their own defined number or passport number etc.
  • Integration archive: User now can archive integration without delete database.
  • Can export data into excel file of Deal/Task/Ticket/Brand/Channel/Permission/Team members.
  • Activity-log: Some additional features can be saved on activity log. From the log, user can create new ticket directly go on.


  • Fixed invalid regex in login. Before if name suffix was same (such Bold or Boldbat) it seems one user. Now it is fixed to recognize different users.
  • Once the account removed, the registered integrations also removed.
  • When copy the Deal, Ticket and Task cards, it did not copy customer, companies information on that card. Now it has copied all information belong to the cards.
  • Normal tag to the read conversation once users already read it. On the group conversation, sometimes it was happened fault that when some members were already read the conversation and when another members read that conversation, it was tagged unread conversation on members who read firstly. Now it is working normal.

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