Erxes v0.9.17 release information

This release includes the following updates & fixes:

What’s new:

  • Deal, ticket, task & pipelines can now be watched closely. With this, user can get email notifications about changes in deals, tickets & pipelines that are being watched.

  • User action logging feature. Any user with “view logs” permission can now see what users have created, edited & deleted from “Settings > Logs” menu. Logs can be filtered by time interval, user actions & users.

As for developers, this module has a separate repository at github. You must configure LOGS_API_DOMAIN env variable in erxes-api matching with the PORT variable in dot env file.

  • Deal board pipelines now have background color selector.

  • You can now add custom background image in knowledge base.

  • Users can now prioritize tickets with colored labels and see important tickets right away from the list.

Bug fixes:

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