Holiday Playlist 2020: curated by the erxes community

This holiday season we’ve asked the erxes community to name a song that:

  • a holiday hidden gem and is totally underappreciated
  • represents 2020
  • represents your hopes and wishes for 2021
  • favorite holiday tune

And here is the list of songs you’ve suggested. The full consolidated playlist can be found here.

Holidays can be stressful, but this version is so soothing and calm.

CallPro, erxes partner

As some say, the HU is one of the best things that happened in 2020. It is a Mongolian folk rock band and their style of music is called “hunnu rock”. Some of the band’s lyrics include old Mongolian war cries and poetry.

Soyombo Bat-Erdene
Backend developer at erxes

The best version of this song is sung and composed by one of the Pinoy legends, Gary Valenciano

Mike Rosales
Mrdzyn Studio, erxes customer, Phillippines

Any holiday playlist would be incomplete without Mr. Bublé.

Munkhkhishig “Mo” Davaasambuu
Customer Success Associate at erxes

🕺🏻 Not really Xmas style though.

Joris Delanoue
COO and Co-founder at Fairmint, erxes partner

Cheers to 2021 with a rum and coca-cola!

Fat Cat Jazz Club Ulaanbaatar, erxes customer

I opt for some Christmas house music when I can no longer take Mariah Carey during the holiday season.

Indra Ganzorig
Senior Product Marketing Manager at erxes

Hoping for a better year ahead!

Purevtsooj Davaatseren
Freelance developer

I present to you the French version of “The Christmas Waltz” by Avalon Jazz Band.

David Kartuzinski
Senior Developer Advocate at erxes

Smoothly sad and hopeful.

Tom Park
SiliconWest, erxes customer, Australia

One of the Mongolian holiday classics.

Anu-Ujin Bat-Ulzii
Frontend developer at erxes

2021! We got you! Just give it to us! We can get on! Let’s finish what we started!

Nauren Batjargal
Co-Founder and COO of erxes