Use your company branding on erxes

What is it?

Even though erxes already provides non-branded widgets for your website, you can still see our branding. You might not always want your customers to know what you are using to manage your business, there is no harm in that. That’s where the Individual White-label feature comes in handy. Now you can choose to re-brand our tool and make them your own.

What it isn’t?

This is not the solution you’re looking for if you’re planning to manage many clients, i.e separate teams. But don’t be discouraged! We are planning to launch an Agency White-label plan within 2020. Please sign up to receive updates about it here.

What’s included?

  • Use your custom domain to access erxes, instead of
  • Provide your teammates with a login page customized with your company’s name, brand, and domain.
  • Send transactional emails from your email address instead of erxes email address. (You will also be able to set different emails for each Brand by the end of October.)
  • We take care of your business, free SSL certificate!
  • Your custom domain will also apply to your shareable Dashboards, too. This will be for free once the Dashboard feature is fully functional. You will be able to share a link to your Dashboards with any external parties. So, they can view your metrics and marvel at your progress in real-time.

How to enable it?

If you wish to white-label your account, please head to the Organization Setting and click “Manage Plan” to buy the feature offered at $20/month.

Once you enable it, you will see the options for custom branding on the Organization Settings page:

If you’re unsure how to set up your custom domain, please refer to this guide. It includes provider-specific instructions for changing the DNS settings.