Introducing Botpress chatbot on erxes messenger

We’re introducing the Botpress chatbot that works with erxes messenger! Botpress is a low-code open-source platform that enables you to build AI chatbots without coding skills.

What is a chatbot?

Computerized conversation systems or “chatbots” have become complex. Some might wonder whether your customers will be handled well since machines are handling them. No need to worry, there are tons of advantages according to various studies. For example, to keep it simple bots can personalize conversations in real-time instantly. For example, the chatbot can identify any customers right away by checking their previous interactions. This potential exceeds beyond just calling the customer by his/her name.

Advantages of chatbots in businesses

Having chatbots in your business is beneficial in a way that it supports your existing marketing strategies. Like all automation, customer service chatbots can decrease costs and make the customer experience more powerful. Bots are available to assist the customers 24/7 and often respond to customers’ questions faster than human agents. Some other advantages of having chatbots are:

  • Engage and qualify leads
  • Send high – intent leads directly to sales
  • Nurture and upsell users
  • Represent your brand

A survey by Oracle has found that 80% of the business leaders and managers from all around the world have already implemented chatbots. The rest of them are planning to use it by the end of 2020.

Different types of chatbots

There is a wide range of chatbots, from the Amazon Alexa smart speakers to automated text chat on the company’s customer service page. But the strongest chatbots are the ones that can influence the customer’s experience. An example of this would be virtual agents. Artificial intelligence fueled chatbots can comprehend and answer a broad range of questions.

There are several approaches you should use for your chatbot strategy and avoid mistakes. For example, it is important to not over-scope which means starting small is often considered as the best application. The second procedure is prioritizing the use cases. This means each industry has its own distinctive needs and goals.

How to get started with botpress

If you’re new to botpress, you can still create your own bot by hosting it on your server. More in detail documentation is available here.

How to enable the botpress on erxes

Customers who already have their chatbots created on Botpress can simply copy the endpoint URL inside their erxes messenger: