Investor Update | May

Dear Investors,

Hope you are doing well, here is a quick update on our operation from our last month at erxes Inc.

1.Global highlights: 

  • We launched an experience operating system (XOS) re-branded version of erxes on Product Hunt on May 18th. We have so far gained  241 upvotes, received 14 comments, and ranked at 51.

What is “Product Hunt”?

Product Hunt website launched in 2013 with the purpose of discovering and sharing new products. The Verge mentioned: “Product Hunt has become a must-read site in Silicon Valley”. Newly launched products are available for the public to use, experience and give feedback. Product ranking is based on the experience and feedback from customers. The launch of the updated system from erxes on Product Hunt website could lead to more opportunities to be introduced on global market.

COSS Weekly, the global commercial open source (COSS) newsletter has announced erxes funding in it’s 81st issue. Major investor of commercial open-source software (COSS) Joseph Jacks is the founder of OSS Capital and the COSS community. Joseph Jacks supports COSS to build a community for investors, developers, and growth of business operations in the same category. 

We greatly appreciate your constant support with the goal of bringing erxes to the global scale.

2. ERXS shares:

We’ve launched our pre-seed investment round with equivalence of 13.39% of our company to raise a total of $3.5 million through our website. As of today, we have successfully raised $2.7 million from a total of 123 investors, valued at $20.7 million dollars. Click HERE to see how to become an investor.

3. erxes operations:

  • The past two years the coronavirus outbreak upended life globally. Even though coronavirus restrictions are being lifted, the after effect of the pandemic is still continually affecting SMEs to fully recover. To support the re-adjustment of SMEs we are now offering small bundles of our products through marketplace which are available for any form of SMEs.
  • erxes has been selected to participate in the “Linode Rise Program”. This is a 12 month program focuses on accelerating the growth of business operations and its system. Through this program we will be able to receive consulting services to bring our DevOps sector XOS to the next level.

4. erxes new enterprise client:

Omni Smart has become our enterprise client by implementing erxes platform into their operations. We’re happy to be a part of their digital transformation and hope to build a life long partnership. 

We continue to offer effortless digital transformation based on customer experience to our clients that is tailored to the specific requirements of the organization and their products. Click HERE to try our products.

5. erxes secret

Dear shareholders, we are about to reveal the news that we couldn’t wait to hold it any longer.

We started renovating our new office which meets the international standards of technology companies and planning to move in late August!

In addition to creating a healthy workplace environment, our new office offers employees opportunities to spend their free time productively, such as massages and bariatrics after long hours of work, and to sleep in a quiet environment.

We are open to working with interior design and other service providers for our fresh new office. If you want to work with us, click HERE.

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We are determined to give many investors the opportunity to invest in open-source experience operating system, and we are pleased to announce that our share price has the potential to rise, after an investment of $29,890, which is currently sold at $ 1.83.

We encourage you to invest in us while the share price remains the same.

Monthly investor update brought to you by erxes Inc.

Hope you all have a great day.