One thing this angel investor looks for in a startup

We had the opportunity to interview one of our first angel investors – Otgonbat S., who is the director of Ottegen Holdings and one of the biggest angel investors in the Mongolian technology sector. Mr. Otgonbat has been successful in the business for a long time. He currently manages companies in Mongolia and the United States.

Why did you start investing?

I met with founders of 30 technology startups during an event. I chose to invest in two: Insur and erxes. As of now, I have invested in 5 startups in total. Of which, Insur was the first investment I made. I admired their goal of solving a significant problem in society, social insurance. I liked the courage and determination they had to tackle a problem that even large companies had not been able to solve.

Why did you choose to invest in erxes?

About a year beforehand, I met the CEO of erxes, Mend Orshikh. He knew exactly what his goal was, to go into Silicon Valley. They also had the advantage of having a team that had been working together for a long time. Their choice of a B2B model also seemed like an advanced decision. The fact that the platform already had regular users also piqued my interest. I even tried using the platform myself.
As of now, a total of 26 people have invested in erxes through their innovative investment method. Erxes uses Continuous Securities Offering (CSO) to allow more people to become investors. They launched this method for a legal and financial start to joining Silicon Valley. Thus, erxes is well prepared and most definitely on the right track.

What do you think are the benefits or advantages of investing in a startup company over others?

I enjoy the fact that you also have the opportunity to learn with the company. I find it interesting that it’s not all about the finances. You can mentor and help the company in other ways.

How do you choose a company to invest in? What aspects do you value?

I look at the people within the company. When investing, you are betting on a company and the person who started the company’s idea. Even if the present idea doesn’t go as planned, it’s still an investment into the next idea. I invest and put faith in the person’s motivation and ability to persevere. The confidence and diligence of the people in charge determine the success of a business. Aside from the people, I also take the company’s future vision and culture into account.

What advice would you give to new investors?

They should think about the reason for their investment other than financial gain. You should also consider the importance and impact of the investment. For example, I value tech companies because not only do they speed up ecosystem development, but they also help shape a sound infrastructure and legal environment.

What are your future investment plans?

I am currently looking into companies in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). They sell shares of more than 2,000 large companies around the world.
Similar to when a person decides to buy a car, one must research before investing. For example, they’ll study the model of the vehicle and all the alternatives. Likewise, it would be best if you researched before buying stocks. Before you invest, make sure to research the competitors within the industry.

Extra question: Are there any life hacks you have for this quarantine?

During this quarantine, you should take advantage of the extra time and learn new skills. Everyone from all over the world is spending most of their time at home during this difficult time. So, you should fill the extra time with a worthwhile activity to keep your mind active.

Erxes is a comprehensive platform for managing marketing, sales, and customer relations. Our company uses a new investment model, CSO (Continuous Securities Offering), to offer equity. The opportunity to invest is open to everyone. You will be able to invest with a minimum of $600. If you want to become an investor, visit this page.