We’ve raised $2.7 Million – our heartfelt thanks to our supporters!

1. About us

erxes aims to improve the coordination between marketing, sales and customer service departments, integrate all social platforms into a single unified system, and further grow the business process in an orderly and efficient manner. Businesses can implement our platform to reduce marketing inefficiency and human resource costs, save time and money on multiple social platforms, communicate with customers through a single dashboard, build a unified database, coordinate marketing and sales to reach target audiences.

The platform was conceived by the research team of New Media Group in January 2016 and has been continuously developed since then. In July 2018, it was officially registered as an LLC and became an independent company.

2. Our experience

The erxes platform is currently used by more than 20 major Mongolian companies in their day-to-day operations. In 2021, the erxes platform was adopted by 12 new enterprise customers in their daily operations.

To date, we have developed more than 500 websites, more than 40 mobile apps,35 custom systems, and provided marketing services to more than 100 organizations. In addition, we have produced more than 60 videos, 40 animations, 70 corporate logos, and 120 photos to our clients.

3. Investment news

As of the first quarter of 2022, We have attracted $ 2.7 million in investment from a total of 120 investors.

Our company aims to attract $ 3.5 million in investment, and if the business value exceeds 13.39 percent of the company valuation, the per share price will move above $ 1.83

What’s next for erxes?

In the coming months we plan to overhaul our core system and move to erxes  version 1.0 In this update, erxes will implement a plug-in-based architecture where third party-developers can contribute to the core platform. In addition, we plan to transition to a serverless and scalable architecture that is fully cloud compatible.

By transitioning to an event-driven serverless architecture we can decrease the overall strain on the server and supply server space to the most heavily used plugins thereby increasing speed for the end-user. With erxes becoming cloud compatible, businesses can decide to host on their preferred cloud providers whether it be AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Platform, Azure, etc…

For further information on how to invest visit: https://erxes.io/invest