Product Update | Aug and Sep 2020

It has been a busy summer for us and we’re excited to present to you the product updates for Aug-Sep 2020! The brand new features are two-way text messaging, built-in voice/video calling on Messenger, time tracking, and many more. The releases can be found on GitHub.

Another exciting development is our public roadmap, where you can suggest and vote on ideas and features. Please visit to check it out! Aside from this portal, you can also submit your feedback through the Feedback button right from your SaaS dashboard. Screenshots are always welcome!

✨ Highlights

  • Two-Way SMS
  • Built-in Audio/Video Calling on Messenger
  • Time Tracking for Tasks


🔄 Two-Way SMS

We’ve been working on implementing the two-way SMS for the last few months and now it is available for customers in the US. When you claim a phone number from the list of available phone numbers, you can send individual as well as bulk text messages to your customers from the Engage feature. You can read more about it here.

We are planning to significantly expand this feature in the future. For example, additional phone number purchases from these countries will be available around mid-Oct for $20/month:

  • Australia
  • UK
  • Canada

More countries to choose the phone number from will be offered gradually over time. As for MMS and international messaging, please note that it depends on our service provider, but it is on their roadmap.

👩‍🚀 General

  • Now you can edit and move around your Pipelines between Boards
  • Added Turkish language and updated the other languages. The Spanish language is now viewable
  • Every text area inputs are now saved, even if you didn’t click on Save yet. This will help you save your work in case your session is reset or you accidentally close the tab, etc.
  • Added initial admin user creation step when using the open-source version
  • Fixed common navigation, board navigation elements in smaller screens
  • Added click-jack defense as a security measure for our website
  • You can now download your valid Data Processing Agreement (in relation to GDPR regulations) from your dashboard when using the SaaS version.

💬 Messenger

  • If you made any purchases, you will have the option to display the built-in audio and video calling feature. If the visitor wants to talk, they’ll first send a request and you can choose to start the call. To enable this feature make any purchases for your erxes account and turn it on on the Messenger edit/create page.
  • The messenger creation/edit page gives you the option to associate that messenger with a specific Brand and Channel.
  • Added the option to choose the color of the text as well. This is especially useful if you want to choose a lighter color for the background.
  • The notification emails are now sending when you reply to an offline visitors.
  • Fixed the timezone issue, where the online/offline status was showing incorrectly.

📥 Team Inbox

  • Resolve All button has been added. If you receive dozens of emails overnight, or there are many resolved conversations from the past months, you can filter your inbox by Channel, Tag, Date, etc. and resolve those conversations. Don’t forget, all your resolved conversations are under “Resolved” if you click on Status.
  • Increased visibility of unread messages 
  • When the team inbox is empty, it suggests you create an integration
  • Chat preview is fixed

📋 Task Management

  • For a variety of purposes businesses, especially agencies, need to make notes for each client and track the time they communicated with them. This new time tracking feature will show how much time a team member spent on each task. Once the time period exceeds a full day, it will start showing days spent. You can start the timer and move on to other sections as it will be counting in the background. We are working on improving this feature for our next sprint. Feel free to submit your ideas here.
  • Now you can apply formatting to the card description area
  • You can change the checklist items orders
  • You can email, call, or manage the associated contacts right from the card 
  • When you convert a conversation into a card, the whole conversation is visible in the activity log of that card
  • Editing internal notes on any cards issue is fixed

Facebook Messenger and Post

  • You can now connect Pages through different personal accounts
  • The overall integration flow has been updated
  • You can convert a comment on a Facebook Post to a card
  • If the comment contains an image, that image is automatically added as an attachment

📢 Popups

  • Popup success (notification) message delivery is fixed and now has a formatting option for the content of that success email.
  • Added “Submit Once” button, which allows you to display a popup to the visitors who haven’t filled out the form.
  • The script is now displayed automatically after a popup creation.
  • Fixed the position of popup’s close button.

🗂 Contacts

  • When you add or update a contact, you are already assigned as the owner. But you can choose a different team member as well.
  • Now you can finally delete those duplicate contacts. Previously, the elasticsearch bug has been preventing from completely deleting a contact.
  • Uploading a local file as an avatar image is fixed.
  • Contact Sort if fixed
  • Contact merge is fixed and now takes the highest possible state (if a Visitor and Customer are merged, its state will be Customer). Contact merge action from the Contact Profile has been fixed.


  • Added Channel and Brand selection to all integration forms. You will not need to go to Channels/Brands settings after creating an integration anymore.
  • SMS integration box is added
  • Removed unavailable integrations at the moment to keep things less cluttered

🗃 Knowledgebase

  • Reaction data is now visible in your erxes dashboard
  • Rolled out the KB portal prototype, where the content is indexed and each article has unique links.

🤖 Onboarding 

  • Added guides that outline the recommended order of steps when setting up your account. This content is displayed when that section is empty. For example, if you have already set up your Contacts, you can still view this content by choosing a Tag/Segment with 0 contacts in it.
  • You can now reselect the features you’d like to learn in the Onboarding Bot.
  • Once you click on “Never See Again” of the Bot, it will not bother you again.
  • Getting Started video tutorials are now available on Youtube. These explain how to set up CRM activities on erxes.

📤 Email Deliveries

  • Added a new section in the Settings – Email Deliveries. This is the beta at the moment, but soon you’ll be able to fully track the logs of your transactional and engagement emails. This will help us in identifying any issues about emailing from erxes. Also, you will have peace of mind knowing the delivery of your emails.