Product Update | Dec and Jan 2021


  • Added Subtags, where you can create Parent and Subtags and organize your Contacts, Conversations, etc.
  • Our widgets are now visible in incognito/private browser tabs
  • Improved the performance of import (6df39ba), closes #2557. The speed has increased to 15,000 rows of data import in 5 seconds.

Team Inbox

  • When you convert an email conversation to a card, the email subject line is automatically copied as the Card title (8356ecc)
  • Now you can convert any new conversations into an existing card. This can be applied when the customer is reaching out through different platforms about the same product or service and you wish to keep everything organized in one Card.
  • Fixed the email conversation send button and made the email subject editable (2b501ca)
  • Fixed the issue of email attachment not being forwarded


  • Added the skills-based message routing option in the erxes messenger (c6aaa14), closes #2540. With this new feature, you can define the unique skillset for each team member. As for the customers, when they choose a specific topic in the messenger chat, those messages will display to the team members who are knowledgeable on that topic. To set up the skills-based routing, please refer to this article.
  • Fixed the erxes messenger social media links #2501 (2c67034) Previously, some links didn’t display properly, because it required https:// at the front.

Boards, Pipelines, and Cards

  • Fixed drag-drop problems when loading (18aaa6a)
  • Fixed overlapping description in the board detail (15df78a)


The Popup feature has had a significant update this sprint and will be displayed as “Forms” from now on. It includes mostly UI changes and also the ability to tie-in/map the end-user submission inputs into Custom Properties. For example, if you asked the end-user about their translation needs, you can save it automatically into a custom property.

  • Main Forms view:
    • Added filtering options by Brand and status (archived or live)
    • Added the download submissions button for each form
    • Add the “Copy” button
  • Added the option to choose a Custom Property for any field. With this feature, erxes will automatically save any inputs submitted in a field, i.e customer answers to a question, to a specific Custom Property. For ease of use, you can create a new custom property straight from the Form creation page. This option does not apply to first name, last name, phone number, and email fields, as they are already automatically saved.
  • Added “Channel” selection below “Brands” and made it not required when creating or editing a form. If you select a Channel, each new submission will be visible in your Team Inbox in your preferred Channel. 
  • Improved the form submission section
    • Separated on-page confirmation message title and content
    • Clarified the email confirmation titles and descriptions
  • Fixed confirmation email attributes (a4ae030)
  • Fixed the archived form issue. Once the form becomes archived, it will be hidden from the Messenger widgets and on your website (0a724aa)

In the next sprints, we’re planning to add automation to Forms. For example, if a visitor fills out a form and selects a specific option from a multiple checkbox question, the system will automatically create a Deal Card or that specific visitor will be added to a Segment. If you have any other ideas, let us know!



  • Added the ability to set unique email addresses for different brands (cec2b09). For example, when a web visitor with leaves the chat with their email address and you send them a reply, they will be notified from this Brand email. An organization with different brands can set up different email addresses and templates for their transactional emails.
  • Similar to erxes messenger, only one knowledge base is allowed per brand. Additional Brands can be purchased as an add-on.


  • Changed the name of the feature to Campaign to accurately reflect the intention of the feature
  • Added the ability to duplicate a previous engagement message.
  • Added a pre-schedule option to Auto Messages (4073a07). Now you can pre-schedule a message and set a specific date and time when you want to send a message to your customers. 
  • Added the overall Campaign statistics capability. Now you can see your total open, click rate, as well as bounce and spam rates. To protect the end-users from unwanted emails and keep our server reputation consistent, we will notify users whose bounce and complaint (spam) rates are high. We recommend keeping your bounce and complaint rates reasonable low. If someone reports your email as spam, that person will not receive any further emails from you.
  • Added the ability to send a test email before sending the email to your customers
  • Added AWS SES configuration option in the Settings->System Config. This will allow anyone to connect their own AWS SES account to erxes SaaS.
  • Fixed next button not working properly, fixed console error (47a82d8)
  • Lead Segment count is showing the correct count now (f051e41)


  • Added Company and Contact Tags as an option for creating segments (17b748e), closes #2518
  • Updated the Custom Property filters, where you can see and directly choose the option of that custom property, if available. For example, if you chose the Custom Property “Account Funded” as a Filter and it has only two options, then you can select one of these from the dropdown in the Value field. 
  • Updated the Date operators and made it easier to understand the intention


  • Fixed multiple word search with spaces in customers, companies list (0acf074)
  • Made the contact list table shrinkable and expandable (0a491f9). If certain properties have longer or shorter values, you can shrink the columns to fit your window. This allows the users to see all the details without scrolling horizontally.
  • customers: exclude deleted customers from the list (3ea5eb8)


Users will be able to see whether Facebook Integrations are running smoothly without any errors since there will be a Healthy/Unhealthy sign below the external info row. This can be checked by just clicking on your Facebook Messenger & Post integrations. In addition, if it’s unhealthy users will be able to fix the error by clicking the cycle button which will fix the error.


  • Added origin verification method for webhooks (d99ed28) This prevents unwanted webhooks and is a more secure way to transfer data between erxes and third-party tools.
  • Updated the incoming webhook customFieldsData capability (45da6be). If you’re familiar with webhooks, you can pass any type of data from third-party software into erxes’ as a custom property.

Mobile Apps

Both iOS and Android apps are now available! The current version allows you to respond to live-chat conversations in the Team Inbox. Also, you can view your Contacts from the mobile app. The app has the ability to store login credentials so that you can switch between your organizations, whether it’s a SaaS or self-hosted organization.

Open-source version-specific improvements

  • Added plugin base, which will support the upcoming WordPress plugin for both versions (0932b03)
  • Added new release notifier in the open-source version (c6d1ddd)
  • Added Scheduler feature on the calendar using Nylas (465ff77)
  • Open-Source users will be able to set out their email templates for their internal uses such as deals, tasks, etc. 
  • Moved the Calendar feature header to the sidebar (d522efb)
  • cron: added notification delete cron (c9c2391)
  • nylas: enable account (b75701e)
  • select-multi: added fetchExtra option to solve reopen auto-completion issue (2c07ac1)
  • select-multi: applied SelectWithSearch fixes in SelectCompanies, SelectCustomers, (abd1b31)
  • common: separate common components as node modules to npm (a24baa1)
  • common: fix not showing editor attribute (0850b3a)
  • api-utils: fixed notification template not found error (344e4c4)