Product Update | Feb 2021

Global Search – search from everything

We’ve introduced the Global Search feature (9709185, closes #2655), which searches the keyword from titles and descriptions of Conversations, Tasks, and Deals. Previously, you could only search Contacts.

Create subtags

We introduced the concept of parent and subtags (607e92d), closes #2612. With this improvement, you can organize your tags for:

  • Campaigns
  • Conversations
  • Customers
  • Companies
  • Integrations
  • Products & Services

Note that you can only create one level of subtags at the moment.

Segmenting with integrations 

We’ve improved the “Integration” filter for segments (8db1316). Now you have two options for filtering with integrations:

The ‘Integration’ property filters contacts by the integration they first registered with your brand. For example, if you wish to segment contacts whose initial source is Facebook Messenger, you’d choose this filter.

The ‘Related integration’ refers to contacts who interacted with you at any given time through one of the integrations, i.e., IMAP email integration or Facebook. You could use this filter multiple times to segment the contacts who interacted with you through numerous communication channels:

Associating a Contact to a Company

We’ve fixed the issue where you could no longer “relate” a Contact to a Company.

You can either individually associate contacts to a company or import your contacts and add a column titled “companiesPrimaryNames”. If you’re importing associated contacts, make sure you have already created these Companies on erxes before importing.

JamesRhodesjames@stark.comStark Industries

Boards and Pipelines

  • Fixed the board and pipeline picker dropdown scrolling issue (34e190e)
  • Fixed the real-time issue when clicking “Archive all cards in this list” (332804e), closes #2629. Now you can archive all cards in a particular stage, and you’ll see the changes instantaneously.


We’ve updated the main view of Campaigns with more details: 

  1. Updated the message type
  2. Added the creator column
  3. Added the scheduled date column
  4. Added ‘Duplicate’ option to Campaign messages


  • Fixed the issue when you could not disable skills-based routing on erxes messenger (fb79088)
  • Fixed confirmation dialog, description text placement (bec10a1)
  • Fixed wrong social link issue (df84f64)


  • Fixed: check duplication issue (7607f43). This bug was creating duplicate contacts instead of updating the already existing contacts.
  • Fixed: remove import history when there are no customer IDs (bdccfa62db3580)