Product Update | May 2021


Of all the actions performed, 99.53% were performed under 1 second. The longest duration of action performance decreased to 00:02:06 compared to 00:02:10 from last month. If you wish to see the technical release notes, please refer to our latest releases on GitHub.

What’s new?

Card Attachment Preview Slider

Now you can preview Card Attachments without downloading them. In this first version, you can use the Task/Deal/Ticket Cards preview feature with most of the file types except video/audio files.

  • To switch between files, you click on the arrows or use -> <- buttons on your keyboard.
  • Once the preview is displayed, you can either open it in a new tab or download it.
CleanShot 2021-05-06 at 14.18.12.gif


As we continue improving the existing features, the Form feature had a few new capabilities added:

  • Sort your Form list
    As a default, the most recently created Forms will appear on top. But you now can sort your Forms by different properties. For example, with this feature, you can first filter by tags and then sort by KPIs such as the conversion rate to see the best performing Forms.
  • Divide your Form into pages
    Now you can divide your Form into multiple sections or pages. To create pages, add the number of pages you want on the Content slide of the Form edit page. The end-users will see their progress on top of the form as a percentage.
  • Apply your own design with custom CSS
    There is a new step in the Form editing page called Advanced Styling, where you will now add custom CSS.
  • Attach files in the confirmation email
    Now you can attach any files for the confirmation email. Please note that the one-time file upload limit is 15Mb, and ensure your preferred file type is added in the Settings/System Config/General Config/File Upload section.


  • Ability to move an article between categories and knowledgebases: 
  • Ability to move a category between knowledgebases 
  • Introduced the Parent Category option to be used with the upcoming Client Portal. Please note that it is not recommended for knowledgebases when used as a widget or a Messenger add-on.

Bug Fixes and UX Improvements


  • When users signed up with the magic link, they could not set up their password for the first time.
  • Updated the ‘Do Not Disturb’ default property by changing the title to ‘Subscribed’ 1) to avoid double-negative and 2) make the use of this property easier when creating a Form field with it.
  • The full list of IMAP integrations (over 20) was not scrollable or fully visible in the Settings/AppStore, and the background was transparent.
  • Form fields with custom widths are now displayed with that preference in the Team Inbox.
  • Stripe payment subscription was not disconnected when a customer canceled their subscription on their Global Profile. Refunds were made and the code updated.

Campaigns and Segments

  • A segment with an ‘Owner’ filter was not working.
  • Logs were not recorded properly for Campaigns with an ‘every minute’ schedule.
  • When choosing some of the default email templates, the app text was changing along with it.


  • Not all categories were visible on the Messenger add-on knowlegdebase if more than 20 categories were created.
  • Some items were not visible inside the erxes dashboard for an edit, even though they were live on the website knowledgebase widget.
  • When creating a new article, the editor was displaying any previous contents.

Boards / Pipelines / Cards

  • Private Pipelines were visible in the card move dropdown list.
  • The search field for Products & Services wasn’t working when working on a deal card.
  • Associated contacts on a Card preview showed archived (i.e., merged or deleted) contacts on a Card preview.