Product Update | Oct and Nov 2020

Highlights ✨

The Global Account Profile is a centralized way to manage all your erxes accounts. With it, you can manage as many SaaS accounts and self-hosted installations as desired under one billing roof. This also lays the foundation for our upcoming Agency program.

Another highlight is the Webhook feature. This allows everyone to connect erxes with any third-party apps that have webhooks. You can either send data from within erxes (outgoing webhook) or receive data into erxes (incoming webhook).

We’ve also introduced three major beta features to enhance the erxes framework. We now have a Dashboard to measure any metric from within erxes. We’ve added a Calendar feature that syncs with Google Calendar.

Our erxes messenger now integrates with Botpress. Conversational bots are now possible within our Messenger.



  • Added an ability to choose from email templates when sending individual emails (751fa5e). This will help with responding to emails and keeping brand consistency.
  • Two-way SMS is enabled for Canada and the UK phone numbers. You can buy any phone number for $5/month. The 500 SMS/month credit for the UK is $20/month and $5/month for CA numbers.

Global Profile

With this new feature, we are giving you the ability to manage all your erxes organizations, whether you’re using the SaaS or self-hosted version.

With the global profile you can:

  • Manage all organizations you’ve created with the same email address (Organizations)
    • Track your account usage
    • Delete your SaaS organization
    • Connect your self-hosted installations to make purchases from the Store
    • Connect a website to your self-hosted account
  • Update your subscriptions (Add-Ons)
    • Buy or cancel subscriptions
  • Manage all billing and payments (Billing)
    • View previous invoices
    • Add different credit/debit cards as payment options

To access your Global Profile, please visit


  • Added calendar feature (a30a1e2)
  • You can sync your Google or Office365 calendars. This allows team members to see their calendar schedules.


  • Introduced the Dashboard feature, which helps you track your KPIs and discover insights in real-time.
  • You can choose from a template library for commonly used metrics.
  • At the moment, the KPIs you can track is limited to conversations, customers, and deals.
  • In the future, you will be able to share these reports by creating a public link, emailing it, or downloading it as a pdf.
  • Improved the feature by using elasticsearch in cubejs backend (b9ae06c)


  • Added incoming and outgoing webhooks (398e35b)
  • The full guides on how to use the webhooks are available here.
  • On self-hosted installations, please note that webhooks are available on versions 0.19.2 or newer. On how to update your version, please visit our docs.

Team Inbox

  • Added “Awaiting Response” filter (22d5c75). With this filter, you can identify which conversations haven’t gotten a response from you. Conversations with this status are the ones where the last responder is the customer.
  • Added the ability to update the email conversation’s subject line when reply or forwarding to an email. Once you change the subject line, the future emails will be separated into a different thread of conversations. Email conversations are bundled together as a thread by its subject line in erxes.
  • Fixed the bug where newly created channel and brand did not show up in inbox filter (13b5515)
  • Fixed the overlapping editor tools in the inbox editor section (a6a30c5)
  • Fixed the URLs to be identified and converted to clickable links (a57672f)


  • Added AddOn step when creating or editing Messenger (e05918d). This simplifies the messenger creation process by combining multiple features. Now you can select which knowledgebase, popup forms, or websites you want to display in your messenger in a single flow. Please note that some websites might not be displayed if they don’t allow iframe embedding option.
  • Integrated the botpress into the messenger (e1317da). This will allow anyone to add their botpress chatbot to their erxes messenger. You can read more about the botpress integration here.


  • Added auto completion feature for customer/company detail update (28f74cc)
  • Added the ability to manually change email, phone number validation status (3104b6e). Since erxes sends engagement messages only to valid contacts, this allows you to update the contacts that couldn’t be verified by our services. Phone number verification status descriptions can be found here. For email addresses please refer to this article. But if you force validate many unknown email addresses, it will result in a high bounce rate and your account might get suspended.
  • Changes are in realtime when updating tags on companies/customers by selecting the checkboxes (7cdea63)


  • Fixed overlapping description text and improved appearance. (4e3c7cf)
  • Now you can update boards right from the pipeline form (0c9be7b)
  • Changes are in realtime when adding or deleting pipelines and stages (99346cb)


  • Added “rule” step to Auto Message – Messenger type (available only on the open-source version at the moment). This will help narrow your engagement messages by combining web visitor details and contact properties. For example, if you’re using the erxes messenger as an in-app chat for your business, you can curate engagement messages.
  • Displayed emailing limit during engagement email creation when you choose the segment/tag/brand.


  • Added cypress tests (97364ac)
  • Added erxes cli (199eea3)
  • Refactored gmail integration (ddab6bb), closes #2291
  • Implemented retry mechanism to prevent from loading chunk failed error (8886593)
  • Fixed edit form field bug (379b14e)