Roadmap 2023

We are excited to unveil our highly-anticipated 2023 product roadmap 🤩 Our primary goal for this year is to enhance your experience with erxes by introducing several new plugins and upgrading existing features to new versions.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at what we have in store for erxes in 2023.


  • Add Facebook & Gmail authentication in Client Portal plugin

Client Portal will soon offer Facebook and Google Authentication. With this new feature, our clients, including TumenTech, Jur Ur, Prius Center, Press Center, Rentpay, and Yoshinoya Mongolia, will be able to log in to their systems using their personal Facebook and Gmail accounts. By incorporating these widely-used authentication methods, we aim to provide a seamless and convenient login experience for our clients

  • Add personal channel on Team Inbox plugin

We are enhancing the Team Inbox plugin to offer greater flexibility and customization options. While the current version functions as a shared team channel, connecting all relevant social media platforms as an omnichannel, the upgrade will enable the addition of personal channels. With this improvement, employees can create private channels and connect their personal email and social media platforms. This will enable them to organize and centralize their information streams in a single platform, leading to improved efficiency and productivity. 

  • Automation (production version)

Our automation capabilities are being upgraded to provide even more functionality to our customers. While our current automation runs on a beta version, this upgrade will enable users to choose from all existing templates, send emails and SMS from within the automation process, and coordinate with necessary plugins.

  • Reports v2.0

New report templates will be added on the current report. In this way, the user will have the opportunity to choose from the models that suit them and view their data in a report. Also, you can change the filter & dimension on the ready-made template and assemble your report according to your own conditions.

  • Form v2.0

We are planning to create various types of form templates, including subscription forms, ebook downloads, contact forms, event registrations, and more. These templates will be customizable, allowing users to easily modify them to fit their specific needs.

  • Import/Export v2.0

Currently, only one file can be imported at a time, but we are planning to improve the system to allow users to import two files simultaneously. This will provide more convenience to users, as they will be able to import multiple files and organize their data at once.

New Plugins

  • Digital Sales/Income Room

Streamline the process of B2B and B2C sales, called the Digital Room Sales Registration plugin. This plugin will allow users to easily register their sales transactions with Digital Room, as well as manage requests from customers

  • Meeting, check-ins, calendar 

This plugin provides team members with an efficient way to keep track of their daily tasks and progress. With this plugin, team members can record their agenda, plans for the day, and discuss whether they have achieved their goals. 

  • Dashboard 

The Dashboard plugin allows team members to create and customize their own dashboard layout, displaying data from various plugins. This feature enables team members to have a comprehensive view of their tasks, tickets, and reports in one window, making it easier to manage and prioritize their workload. 

System Implementation

  1. Update package versions
  2. Security Vulnerability checking & fixing
  3. Performance improvement
  4. SaaS-Improve the speed of switching to other messages
  5. Saas-Improve plugin’s performance
  6. Migrate to Apollo Federation v2 and tweak Erxes to use rover supergraph compose with a config file


In 2023, we’ll be expanding the capabilities of erxes by integrating with multiple platforms. Our integration platforms will include:

  1. Clearbit
  2. Slack
  3. Discord DM
  4. Telegram
  5. iMessage
  6. Linkedin Messaging
  7. Linkedin Sales Navigator
  8. Whatsapp
  9. Instagram
  10. Twitter
  11. Viber
  12. Telnyx
  13. Github
  14. Chatbot systems
  15. Microsoft Teams
  16. Stingee
  17. Messagebird
  18. GrandStream
  19. integration on both Open-source & SaaS

We look forward to bringing these exciting updates & new plugins to erxes in 2023, and we are committed to delivering an even more exceptional experience for our clients✨