Simplify your customer support with erxes

Established in 2011, Erkhet is a small team with big dreams of contributing to the Mongolian economy. Their aim is to support small and medium enterprises with better accountancy through their online software. Erkhet services include accounting, Point of Sales (POS), discounting, and reservations. Today they have 8 team members, who take care of over a thousand businesses using their software.

Erkhet says their operation improved significantly since they started using erxes in 2019. Erkhet highlights the following features, which helped them to make the difference.


From the Team Inbox section, Erkhet is able to see every inquiry from different channels, including phone call conversations. It enables your customers to reach you however and whenever they want. Learn how to work with Team Inbox.

Then, from the Insights section, you can see the volume of inquiries, team members response rates, or how long it took to solve an issue.

It allows them to see the parts of their business that need to be improved based on the categorized conversation section. You can learn more about Insights here.

Once we identify the frequently asked questions, we create a ticket to our IT team to check if the issue can be solved and if the software itself could be enhanced.

Response template 

8 people communicating with over thousand customers is no easy task. That’s where the Response Templates comes in. They use them to the fullest to respond to user inquiries as fast as possible.

To simplify the process even more, they categorized the templates to make the search easier. Another great tip from Erkhet is that you can include video tutorials about each question in the responce template.

Looking back from this point, how much time erxes is saving us is incredible.  


Before erxes, they had to sign in to many different social account to respond to inquiries. They used to have 5 customer support staff, whereas now only 2 people manage the entire customer support. Now they are able to help twice as many customers.

So, instead of spending majority of our time and human resources on responding to inquiries, now we focus more on the product development side to constantly improve our software.

With erxes, you can connect social tools, such as all major email providers, Facebook, Twitter, Viber, etc. You can do this by going to the Settings/Integration Settings/App Store.

We’d like to thank Erkhet for sharing their experience with our readers. I hope this blog helps other businesses to increase their efficiency and simplify their customer support activities with erxes.

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