Top 3 important communication channels for customers

Digital consumer experience is shaping today’s competitive trends. Using technology to communicate with customers requires little effort but is significantly effective. This opens an opportunity to have a competitive advantage in the digital era.

In this article, we will look into the main channels used to interact with organizations:

  • Emails (for professional inquiries)
  • Live Messenger Chat (for FAQs)
  • SMS (for product/service offers)

The era of digital customer experience has ushered in a litany of competing priorities: interactions that are omnichannel and ever-present, yet not intrusive, and low-effort experiences, but high impact. With so many competing priorities and channels, it can be easy for customer experience leaders to get overwhelmed by the waves of digital change.

What are the obstacles?

These issues can arise when essential channels of communication are not managed well:

  • Loss of the opportunity to make loyal customers due to the lack of attention to new customers
  • Inefficient delivery of information
  • Loss of important information due to information not being sent to regular users
  • Numerous issues in the organization’s operation (e.g., time spent sending messages to customers)

So what are the options to address these issues?

As <60% of customers check emails from their phones, SMS and email marketing is quite effective. Erxes saves time and effort by sending regular emails to your customers (invoices, contracts, brochures, etc.). You can also adjust it so only certain emails are sent to certain customers.

Why is this important now?

9 out of 10 users want an omnichannel experience from the organization. When consumers connect with a brand, they do not see the difference between the channels. Thus, users want to be recognized regardless of the channels used. It is important to collect data from all channels and update the customer data to identify the user.

– Users who connect to three or more channels make 287% more purchases than users who connect to a single channel.

– Email marketing has an ROI of 4,300% (Direct Marketing Association)

– SMS marketing has an almost perfect open rate of 98 percent (Gartner)

What are the next steps?

As all channels are unique, the easiest way to deliver information to target audiences is to use Campaigns on erxes.

  • Determine the user’s journey in all channels
  • Identify and select the most effective one
  • Run the campaign on erxes


Here are ways you can use Campaigns effectively:

  • Automatic greeting messages on your website using the Visitor Auto Campaign
  • When a user first visits your website, they need guidance to navigate. From creating an account to finding products & services information, the customer may need guidance. You will need to research which parts are most important. Then you can deliver the information you want to your customers through Campaigns. 
  • Follow these steps:
  • Campaign -> New Campaign -> Visitor auto campaign -> Compose your campaign
  • Transactional Emails for Pipeline Stage Changes with Auto Email Campaigns
  • If your organization needs to send emails at certain times (contract, invoice, etc.), you can set up automatic emails. When you drag the card to another stage, the email will automatically send. Read more
  • This helps manage your customers, create a flow of information, and operate without any time gaps.

/You can set automatic emails to be sent when you drag a card to a different stage as they progress along your Deal/Task/Ticket pipelines: text/

  • Inbound Marketing Drips with Auto Email Campaigns
  • A drip email campaign is a pre-prepared email for specific times or based on user behaviors. These include:
  • Welcome: This establishes new relationships, creates a positive experience, and provides guidance.
  • Onboarding: This gives customers information on creating an account or using the platform.
  • Lead nurturing: This is an email designed to make free registered users to lead. It may provide useful information such as e-books and sample templates.

You can also use erxes to deliver information through other channels such as mobile messaging and live chat. This also saves time, reduces costs, and creates a positive customer experience.

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