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A new generation of HR solutions for not just HR managers but everyone at your workplace. Easily managed HR activities and improved employee experience.


A well-functioning HR system is crucial for attracting, retaining and developing the right talent, and aligning employees with company goals and values. Clear communication and effective management of HR processes is essential for maintaining smooth operations and creating a positive work environment. At the same time employee retention is a major concern for companies, keeping employees engaged and committed by ensuring they understand the company’s vision, goals and getting regular updates on where the company is heading can help retain employees longer. erxes EXM (Employee Experience Management) system designed to make the HR activities of your organization easier, help creating the best experience for everyone at the workplace.


The EXM plugin is designed to integrate with the accompanying mobile application for optimal functionality. To access the full suite of EXM features, it is mandatory to have the mobile application properly developed. In addition, there is a service fee associated with the utilization of the EXM plugin, which must be paid to ensure continued access to its capabilities.



Centralized complete HR database

A comprehensive and centralized system designed to efficiently manage and organize all human resource information within an organization.

Knowledge, onboarding & training campaign 

Offers online access to company information, resources, and skill-building opportunities for new employees to quickly adapt to the company culture.

Automatically generated HR templates 

Simplify document generation and reduce manual errors while saving valuable time for HR professionals. 

Fully customizable recruitment pipeline

Manage candidates, interviews, selection and shortlists all in one place, allowing recruiters to focus on more important tasks.

Next generation of the time-tracking system

Streamlines shift recording and time off requests, automates timekeeping for accuracy. Available both on web and mobile devices. 

Clear view of employee productivity

Improves task management and productivity for employees and team leaders.

Employee feed & Communication

Centralized communication improves productivity, eliminates confusion and promotes an efficient work environment.

Digital Wall of Fame

A platform for expressing gratitude and acknowledgment of performance promoting a positive work environment and culture of excellence.

Quick and efficient asset record 

Enhances the efficiency of asset record keeping and speeds up the process of adding and updating information.

Grow your business better and faster.

All-in-one platform for the complete experience management lifecycle.

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