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All your customer information and sales process in one board to follow up flawlessly. Have your sales managers to know everything needed to deliver increased levels of personalization before they contact customers.


Easy and straightforward sales funnels allow you to control your sales pipeline from one responsive field with board, calendar, and conversion views. With different views and filtering tools, you can precisely analyze your progress and determine your next best step for success.


Unlimited boards and history of every single sale at one-click

  • - Create an unlimited number of sales boards and pipelines for your different products and brands.
  • - Set up all of the various products and services on separate sales boards to follow up flawlessly and introduce your other products to the potential customers.

Efficient communication within your sales team

  • - Supply team members with all the necessities to deliver increased personalization levels before they contact customers.
  • - Track the entire sales pipeline, including deadlines, assigned person, updates on process, and sales process conversations.

Full insight into your sales performance

  • - Automatic analytic tools that can generate all useful statistics and graphics related to your sales.
  • - View won and lost deal reports for free.
  • - Insights filter helps you to see your sales records by-products, pipeline, dates, and salesperson.

Track your sales pipelines and accomplish your sales goal