Customer engagement. Redefined.

erxes is an AI meets open source messaging platform
for sales, marketing and support

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Connect and grow with your customers

We make customer experience better through our messaging platform that is constantly improving.

Open source

Open-source messaging platform built with React and powered by GraphQL on the back-end.

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Hassle-free cloud hosting with 24/7 support with less configuration on your end.

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Customized solutions that are tailored to the individual needs of our clients.

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Team Inbox

Combine real-time client and team communication with in-app messaging, live chat, email and form, so your customers can reach you however they want.

Live Data Tracking

Convert tickets to opportunities and turn leads to sales with real-time customer data.

Multi brand & Channel support

View and manage multiple brands with multiple channels without changing tabs, in an all-in-one box.

Multi-language support

Interact on your workstations with any preferred language with the different language packs.

Unlimited third party app integration

Avoid all the switching between apps like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with our social network integration.


erxes is an open-source messaging platform built with React and powered by GraphQL on the back-end. Use it, play with it, make it better and share it.


erxes works across various web browsers, mobile applications (IOS, Android and Windows) and operating systems (OS X, Windows, or Linux).

GraphQL Query Language

erxes is powered by GraphQL, a query language for APIs and a runtime for fulfilling those queries with your existing data.


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