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Our mission is to make marketing technology accessible to everyone through our open-source software. We are going to change the way businesses grow and deliver breakthrough value to erxes’ customers.

Aside from advocating for the open exchange of information through our platform, we put our community members at the heart of our business. That’s why we are launching a continuous securities offering (CSO) powered by Fairmint Technology. It allows anyone in the world to invest in us at any time by hitting an “Invest Now” button on our website.

We always strive to go above and beyond to support the community, and we are excited to share this investment opportunity with you. Come along on this journey with us!

What is erxes CSO?

erxes' Continuous Securities Offering (CSO) is a new way for companies to raise funding. The CSO democratizes investing and modernizes it for the digital era. The CSO offers several advantages over traditional financing:

Get financing while retaining ownership stake
Founders get financing without sacrificing ownership of the company. They also get a vehicle to align the company’s wellbeing with its stakeholders and customers.
Get better liquidity
Investors get liquidity so that they can buy and sell whenever they want within the boundaries set by securities laws in the applicable jurisdictions.
Get a way to participate in the company’s financial success
Stakeholders such as employees and platform users — get access to security that lets them participate financially in the company’s growth.
Company Value Captured
When you can invest as a traditional business angelgraph
When you can invest as a business angel with erxes csograph1

Solving the Equity Inequity

It’s not groundbreaking news that technologies developed over the past quarter-century have dramatically reshaped how businesses operate and how they interact with customers. These technologies — ranging from the internet and smartphone apps to cloud computing and blockchain — have enabled new business models, such as peer-to-peer lending (LendingClub and Prosper) and sharing economy platforms (Airbnb and Lyft).
As these models have evolved, high-profile investors have lamented the growing inadequacies of the investment vehicles that have underpinned the economy since the Industrial revolution. While these vehicles have undoubtedly helped drive centuries of growth and innovation, they tend to serve the interests of a privileged few — wealthy shareholders over stakeholders.
Companies want to reward or incentivize their stakeholders by offering a stake in their future success, but there is no vehicle for them to do so. Pre-IPO companies frequently sell shares to their employees as a retention perk, but securities regulations prevent them from offering shares to many outside stakeholders. By the time a company launches its initial public stock offering (IPO), it’s too late for these early stakeholders — who frequently believed in the company enough to alter their careers and make investments (cars, apartments) — to cash in on the substantial value that they helped create in the high growth stages of development.
Moreover, even IPOs are increasingly out of the reach for stakeholders. Companies are waiting longer to go public, and many more are choosing to remain private, largely due to growing administrative and regulatory burdens. There are about half as many public companies today (3,671) as in 1996 (7,322). If a company doesn’t go public, sell itself, or distribute dividends, its financial value remains perpetually in the hands of a few. Stakeholders never get their fair share.

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