Open Source Experience Operating System (XOS)

With erxes, all your marketing, sales and customer service tools are merged into one platform for greater output.
Vision Pyramid

Our Core Value

  • Customer Obsession
    We focus on customer experience and satisfaction and with that our decisions are based on the wants and needs of our customers.
  • Open Source and Transparency
    We strongly advocate open and transparent community participation and collaboration.
  • Growth mindset
    If the mindset is a lens, then a growth mindset is an empowering lens that has endless possibilities.
  • Remote but solid teamwork
    Remote working encourages a higher level of communication, independence, and confidence, sparking creativity and productivity as a team.
  • Inclusivity and diversity
    We are demographically diverse ( ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation) and experientially diverse (levels of expertise, socio-economic status) to create the perfect grounds for innovation.
  • Fail often, fail early
    We believe in a failure-positive culture that allows us to be transparent, wildly creative, and become a risk-taker, which ultimately disrupts the market.

Our team

Bat-Amar Battulga

Co-Founder and CTO

Naran Batjargal

Co-Founder and COO

Mend-Orshikh Amartaivan

Co-Founder and CEO

Battsetseg Turbat

CEO of Erxes Mongolia

Munkhsaikhan Ganchimeg

Chief Administrative Officer

Soyombo Bat-erdene

Chief Information Officer

Tuvshintugs Enkhtur

Chief Operating Officer

Odonchimeg Baatar

Senior Accountant

Bayarkhuu Munkhbaatar

Senior Operation manager

Anu-Ujin Bat-Ulzii

Senior Front-end Web Developer

Daariimaa Batnasan

Senior Front-end Developer

Uuganbayar Bat-Ulzii

Senior Front-end Developer

Dulguun Otgon

Senior Back-end Developer

Enkhtuvshin Narmandakh

Senior Back-end Developer

Bat-Orshikh Nyambayar

Senior Mobile Developer

Amarzaya Munguntsetseg

Sr. Customer Success Associate

Ariunbold Burentsogt

Senior Product Manager

Myagmarsuren Amgalan

Senior System Administrator

Tseveen-Ochir Gombo

Senior Product Designer

Bat-Erdene Khashbat

Front-end Developer

Munkhjargal Batdavaa

Front-End Developer

Munkhzul Bilguun

Front-End Developer

Ariunzaya Enkhbayar

Front-end Developer

Gerelsukh Batbayar

Back-end Developer

Nandinbold Norovsambuu

Back-End Developer

Enkhtuvshin Dalaisaikhan

Back-end Developer

Uuganbayar Surakhbayar

Back-end Developer

Munkh-Orgil Bayarbaatar

Mobile Developer

Solongo Lhagvasuren

System Administrator

Bayarmagnai Byambadorj

UI/UX Designer

Aldar Ganchimeg

UI/UX Designer

Bat-Yeruult Bayarsaikhan

UI/UX Designer

Uuganchimeg Batzorig

Business Analyst

Bat-Erdene Bayartsogt

Business Analyst

Tuguldur Erdenebayar

Business Analyst

Uchral Tsevegdorj

Operation Manager

Nyamdelger Mashbat

Customer Success Associate

Tuvshinjargakh Batmunkh

Customer Success Associate

Paul Udosen

International Sales & Support

Uranchimeg Bayardalai


Maral Munkhbayarlakh

Content manager

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