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About erxes

erxes is a free and open fair-code licensed all-in-one growth marketing & management software. erxes is on a mission to provide equal growth opportunities for all types of businesses and help them achieve greater output. It offers a single solution for sales, marketing, and customer service teams, with a focus on the entire customer experience. erxes can be self-hosted or used through the cloud version.

erxes is the second generation of Mongolian tech entrepreneurs. As engineers from a country of untapped mineral wealth, erxes' goal is to prove that Mongolia can do better than trying to dig its way out. With almost a decade of experience, the erxes team is proud to contribute to the Mongolian economy and lead the way in the IT industry. MJ Amartaivan, Bat-Amar Battulga and Nauren Batjargal founded erxes in 2017. The erxes headquarter is in LA, California, with offices in Ulaanbaatar and Singapore.



erxes (pronounced 'erk-sis') means "heavenly bodies" in Mongolian. It is branded as “erxes” with all lowercase letters. There is no plural form. When using the word in the form of a possession, use a stand-alone apostrophe, i.e “erxes’ media kit”.