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Anticipate and fulfill people's needs flawlessly with our cutting-edge Experience Operating (XOS) software.

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erxes is empowering all types and sizes of business to achieve world-class experience

erxes is a unified infrastructure
for experience management

Transform your experience management with our plugin-based omni-channel platform, delivering personalized experiences that perfectly align with the unique needs of each business.

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Grow your business with erxes

All-in-one cost-effective platform for customer service, marketing, sales, and human resources


Omnichannel messaging

Integrate all the communication channels into one platform to provide efficient customer support.

Customer data

View, segment, and filter all your customer data. Get up to date customer information and create target marketing.

Behavioral data

Build the best customer help center based on customer activity history and create a library with answers within reach.

Team efficiency

Drive team productivity by efficient ticket, email routing and automating repetitive tasks.

Achieving growth and unity within your
company with erxes

A flexible and secure platform to manage your experience

Free & sustainable

erxes offers a sustainable business model in both developers and users win. It is open-source software, but even better.


Our plugin-based architecture provides unlimited customization and lets you meet all your needs, no matter how specific they are.


The erxes platform is designed to give you complete control over your company's sensitive data with no third-party monitoring.

In control

You can build any experience you want, with all your business channels connected and integrated.

erxes empowers business

At erxes, we strive to improve the experience for developers by creating a space where they can connect, learn, and share with one another.

erxes Marketplace

Our marketplace offers a wealth of diverse opportunities to enhance your business.

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