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Work smarter with Automations and create a better customer experience

Automate repetitive tasks, streamline processes, and increase your productivity.

Here are 3 working steps to automate our business projects

Every interaction with your business should bring prospects closer to the transformation you offer. With erxes, you can build engaging and informative customer journeys that create brand advocates.

Automate completely unique experiences for your prospects in minutes.


Reduce Processes

Automate repetitive tasks and reduce manual processes and errors


Create workflows

Create consistent processes and stick to project workflows


Craft experience

Increase performance speed and craft a better customer experience


Start a process with any Triggers

  • Specify the exact criteria that trigger an Automation with Segments
    • Team Members
    • Customers
    • Leads
    • Companies
    • Conversations
    • Deals
    • Tasks
    • Tickets
  • Group trigger criteria with the advanced and/or conditions
  • Create more than one trigger in one automation

Automate Actions in a few simple clicks

  • Create workflow sequences with unlimited actions
  • Set actions that branch, or occur right away, or later when automation is triggered
  • Personalize items and messages with Attributes

Don’t just offload busywork

Enhances every feature category and help every part of your business meet its goals

Qualify leads automatically
Understand the customer journey, and set triggers to automate lead qualification. Ensure that leads move forward without manual intervention.
Update deal status
Use automation to move deals through stages, create deals, update due dates, copy and set values, and more.
Remember to follow up
As you grow, you might forget to follow up with a lead sometimes. Reschedule due dates and never miss an opportunity.
Update contact status
Automatically update contact statuses with behavioral triggers, and change state from Leads to Customers.
Identify where your prospect is in the customer journey with Scores
Prioritize the most-qualified leads or take care of your customers that need attention
Email Marketing coming soon
Pull data from the entire customer lifecycle to continually refine your email marketing effectiveness
Convey the message coming soon
Always communicate at the right time by scheduling SMS and emails for contacts.
Send reminderscoming soon
For all your subscription renewals, upcoming appointments, etc. you can schedule reminders for your customers
Automatically manage conversations
Tag, resolve, assign conversations depending on the customer or conversation content
Streamline feedback in one connected system
Turn customer conversations into ticket cards based on the content and assign team members, priority, due date, etc.
Empowers recruiting teams
Automate pre-screening, onboard new team members, and simplify document collection from new hires
Increase your team engagement with Scores
Set triggers and create a team score leaderboard