Customer Case Studies

Transformational journeys of businesses similar to yours with erxes, from challenge to success

How Coghlan converts more leads with erxes

When Kristin Austin joined Coghlan as the Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, she convinced the team to choose erxes. With erxes, they are now winning more new businesses than ever and saving a lot on their marketing tech stack.

How this SaaS company uses erxes to help twice as many customers

Before they started using erxes in 2019, Erkhet, an accounting software company, was overburdened by customer support. Now, Erkhet helps twice as many customers in less than half the time!

A Simple, Secure and Powerful Application for One of the Leading Banks in Mongolia

Supporting the institution’s growth objectives by centralizing the CRM system with an all-in-one growth marketing tool.

Creating a Holistic Solution for Mongolia’s Largest Conglomerate

With its companies operating separately, this conglomerate was missing opportunities for growth. Learn how they fostered business synergies and a customer centric approach with this “one tool to rule them all.”

Refocusing the Customer Journey with erxes

Elevating the customer journey by effectively managing data, customer support, marketing, and sales team with a single tool – erxes.

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