Manage Visitors, Customers, and Companies

Access our all-in-one CRM system in one go so that it's easier to coordinate and manage your contacts and interactions with your customers. Erxes Contacts provides complete segmentation tools for you to work more efficiently.

Add, import, and export your contacts easily

You can add or import an unlimited number of contacts to Erxes. The contact list will give you primary information about the customer, and a clear and practical view will help you stay organized.


Customer history page

One-click on the contact will lead you to more details about the customer. Even you can see all the previous engagement history of the customer.


Set up segmentation and tag

To give you 360 degree of view, we provides all necessary segmentation, tags, and filtering tools. Erxes enables you to set up the customer segmentation and tag while you communicate with your customer.


Contact your segmented customers

Filter your contact list with tags and segments. And reach your targeted customers with automated personalized messaging.


Build your customer database and see them with 360 degree

Erxes provides clear and easy to use Contact Management tool to build your customer database with all necessary information and segments. Filtering your customers by integrations, brands and pop-ups will help you to set successful marketing campaign or reach your targeted customers with personalized information.
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