XM for Frontline

Scale frontline office and drive efficiency

Enhance your front office operations to build stronger customer relationships, foster seamless connections, and boost team efficiency.

Exceptional customer experience across all channels

Reach your customers wherever they are with an inbox that seamlessly supports multiple channels, allowing for smooth transitions between them.

  1. Allows customers to reach out through their preferred communication channels.
  2. Support agents can access customer interaction history across all channels, enabling faster and more effective issue resolution.
  3. Customers can switch between channels without losing context, leading to smoother interactions and reduced frustration.


Understand your customers better

Create custom surveys for collecting feedback, enabling you to enhance the customer experience by tailoring your services to meet specific needs and preferences effectively.

  1. Allow you to ask specific questions relevant to your business or industry, providing insights that are directly applicable to your unique needs.
  2. Flexibility to adapt your questions over time as your business evolves.
  3. Make more informed decisions, drive strategic improvements, and enhance the customer experience effectively.


Connect all your messaging tools in one shared inbox

Centralize team email, live chat, Facebook Messenger, and more into a single universal inbox, ensuring that your entire team has a unified view to effectively manage and respond to conversations from a central location.

  1. Team members can respond to customer inquiries promptly, leading to better customer satisfaction.
  2. Have a clear overview of all customer support activities, making it easier to monitor progress and workload.
  3. Prevent team members from unknowingly working on the same customer request simultaneously.


Prioritize critical issues with ticket routing

Streamline support operations and ensure efficient issue handling, ultimately improving customer satisfaction.

  1. Ensures that incoming tickets are directed to the right teams or agents.
  2. Helps distribute the workload evenly among support teams, preventing overburdening of specific agents.
  3. By assigning tickets to specific agents or teams, it becomes clear who is responsible for each issue, improving accountability.


Round-the-clock assistance

Empower customers to help themselves, and reduce your number of support queries. Turn frequently asked questions into a searchable library of help articles, videos, and documentation.

  1. Customers can find answers to their questions and troubleshoot issues independently.
  2. Knowledge bases are accessible round the clock, allowing customers to find information at their convenience, even outside of business hours.
  3. Customer support teams can focus on more complex issues and provide faster.


What our customers say about us

Discover how erxes helped others to optimize their business.

  • What is XM for Frontline?expand_more
    XM for Frontline is a customer service and support platform that provides tools for managing customer interactions, and improving customer satisfaction. It offers features such as a help desk, ticketing system, knowledge base, live chat, email management, and more.XM for Frontline allows businesses to centralize customer support activities, track and prioritize customer inquiries, and provide efficient and personalized support to enhance the overall customer experience.
  • How does XM for Frontline improve customer relationship?expand_more
    XM for Frontline is designed to improve customer relationships by centralizing customer interactions, streamlining support processes, and enhancing the overall customer experience. XM for Frontline enables businesses to provide faster and more personalized support through features like a ticketing system, knowledge base, and live chat. By collecting customer feedback and automating support tasks, XM for Frontline helps businesses identify areas for improvement and strengthen their customer relationships.
  • Will erxes help me and my team get started with the software?expand_more
    Certainly! When you get started on your EXM journey with erxes, you can expect a comprehensive onboarding process to guide you through the initial setup and profile building. This ensures that you can quickly get up to speed and make the most of the EXM platform.

    In addition to the onboarding process, erxes offers a Support Service that aims to assist you in leveraging EXM to its fullest potential. Check it out at
  • How much does erxes’ XM for Frontline cost?expand_more
    You can get started with XM for Frontline for free. If you're seeking advanced features to streamline and expand your support operations, erxes provides a range of plugins available on our marketplace. Additionally, as your business expands, you have the flexibility to upgrade your plugin limits, ensuring that your needs are met.

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