Managing your entire growth operation made easy

From ideas to actual performance, making sure everything recorded, prioritized and centralized in the single platform
to get tested with pool of analysis and learnings, which made the growing as pleasure.

The dedicated workspace for all growth teams

Home for marketing, creative, sales, supports folks, product warriors, data wizards, design artists, innovation souls, CRO specialists.

Unlimited Campaign & Projects

Manage your growth marketing campaign, projects, and experiments in one place and build the entire growth operation

Pre-built growth hacking templates

Pick from many pre-built growth hacking templates provided in the system to evaluate your marketing campaign as well as build the one especially for you

ICE, RICE, PIE scoring model

Predict the success of your marketing experiments in real time based on the ICE, RICE, PIE scoring model.

North Star metric

Take control of your entire growth marketing operation and make sure you are all heading towards the same direction and maximizing the output.

Find the balance between Important and Urgent

Determine the best growth hacking experiments which can maximize the performance based on various views

Board view

Ideas will take number of steps from created to implemented and evaluated. Board view allows you to see your workflow in its current condition and result in whole.

Priority matrix view

This view will allows you to evaluate ideas choosing from whether it takes the least amount of your effort to make most best performance, which can be measured or it takes most of effort, but the result can’t be measured, etc.

Weighted scoring view

Evaluate the success percentage on your ideas by implementing ICE/RICE/PIE scoring model. This will allow you to choose the highest percentage of ideas to implement out of many others in the lists.

Funnel view

There are 6 (Awareness, Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, Revenue) steps presented of customers journey. Every idea should be pertained to one or number of those 6 steps. Funnel view will allow you to see each ideas recommended to be implemented in which the steps of customer building road.


Measuring by ICE, RICE and PIE

Evaluate the percentage of success on every single idea by dividing them into following categories.
At the same time, you give them numbers of 1-10 on predicted impact of success.







Build the best Growth Hacking templates
suits your business perfectly!

Erxes provides many Growth Hacking templates for you to choose the one which is the best fit for your business. On the top of that you can create more detailed additional fields or questionnaires which needed to be filled specially for your business. Fields for the answers to be selected from many desired options, too
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