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Contribute to erxes

We’ve prepared a little package for our community members around the globe!
As an Open Source project we are able to improve the project with your feedback. But also we can't forget the community member contributions to the code or repo. We know when you make a pull request that you have dedicated time away from other parts of your life. To show our appreciation, we are sending a special package to community members who make a Pull Request that gets approved.

How to claim your swag?

  • Follow, star and fork the erxes repo on Github.
  • Create a Pull Request by making the code changes on your fork, and completing the Pull Request template to fully describe the issue and how you solved it. You must clearly explain the issue you are solving or link to an existing issue in the Repo. Make the Pull Request to the Develop branch in the Repo.Not the Main branch.
  • After the Pull Request has been approved and merged into the Develop branch, submit the free Swag request form below.
  • When you receive your Swag, show it to the world by tagging @erxesHQ on social media. We love to retweet community members wearing our swag!


  • Read the “How to claim your swag?” section completely. We review all submissions to make sure they meet these requirements. Most importantly, your pull request needs to substantially contribute to the project.
  • If you have any questions about your contribution, or if it’s “substantial”, please read the contributing guidelines and feel free to reach out on the erxes community channel.
  • We must enforce these requirements to minimize the time spent on dealing with spam submissions. We consider any submission that doesn’t follow these steps and which doesn’t make a substantial or useful contribution to be spam. Blatant spam submissions will result in blocking the user from the repo.
  • Shipping is free worldwide.
  • The shipping policy and supplies, i.e T-Shirt sizes, might change.