Create Help Articles for Customer Self-service

Educate your customers and staff by creating a help center related to your brands, products, and services to reach a higher level of satisfaction

Create contents for FAQ

Resolve cases faster with instant access to records of how agents solved similar issues. All the new topics, questions will be recorded in your Erxes Knowledge base, and you can add the questions to the FAQ on your website.


Label the answer and questions

You can organize your Knowledge base menu with labels or folders by brands, products and even by type of questions.


Knowledge base on your website

Erxes enables you to create hosted, embeddable, and FAQs on your messenger of website. It will help your team to faster answers for your customers and fewer questions for your team.


Auto updates

With erxes Knowledge-base, you can create a new page on your website and connect your knowledge base menu to your website. When you make changes in your knowledge base, the contents on your website will be automatically updated.


Real-time & two-way help center in Knowledge Base!

Articles can address any number of issues your customers encounter. Types of knowledge articles can include solutions to common issues, product or feature documentation, FAQ's and much more.
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