Talk to Your Customers in Continuous Omnichannel Conversations

Enable businesses to capture every single customer feedback and communicate in real time. You can educate your customers through knowledge-base from the erxes Messenger.

Connect your website with Erxes Messenger

You can connect your website with Erxes messenger and enable you to capture every single customer feedback or questions. Erxes Messenger will help you to reach your customer in real-time. You can see and reply to Messenger messages in your Shared Team Inbox.


FAQ in your Messenger

Erxes Messenger helps you to direct your customers with the most asked or frequently asked questions which leads to satisfied customers.


Automated messenger reply

Erxes helps you to work like a pro whenever and wherever you are. You can create an automated reply on your messenger while you are away.


Monitor on all sorts of analytics erxes provide

Analytics can lead to better and more productive customer relationships through the evaluation of the organization's customer service and analyzing the customers. All your messenger related statistics will be generated by Erxes


Easy to reach with Erxes Messenger

Companies can connect their websites to Erxes Messenger and recieve everysingle feedback or messages into their Shared Team Inbox. FAQ button in the Messenger box leads your customers to smooth or more simple use in your website.
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