Mobile CRM and Web Chat App

The erxes mobile app gives you access to
some of your most important CRM and web chat tools on the go.
Boost sales and increase customer happiness by responding to them in real-time at any given time through the mobile app
Keep the ball rolling at any time by moving deals, managing your Team Inbox, and team collaboration on your phone
Get more done and increase productivity with the app. Switch between your erxes organizations with a tap
Make your business mobile, accessible, and smart. For busy days on the go, erxes mobile is the way to go

Build better customer relationships

Improve customer satisfaction by answering questions and suggesting products directly from your phone:

  • Support your customers in real-time, 24/7
  • Start turning website visits into sales by responding to webchats
  • Manage conversations, such as emails, social media messages, and form submissions, by assigning to a teammate


Close more deals by accessing your CRM

Increase conversion by managing deals on the fly:

  • Create task and deal cards
  • Store the important information - associate contacts and assign labels, add description and attachments
  • Search contact information


Collaborate seamlessly with your team

All mobile activity automatically syncs with your erxes account, so your team always knows what’s happening:

  • Deliver smoother customer care by communicating with teammates through internal notes in conversations
  • Make proper handovers by assigning tasks to teammates and updating deal stages as they progress


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