All in one platform to master project management

Enhance your teams for better collaboration and productivity. erxes brings together the right people, processes, and information onto a single platform, empowering seamless work.
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All-in-one knowledge and work management


Tailored views for cross-functional projects


Increase efficiency with automation and reporting


Standardize and scale project management best practices

Bring tasks, teammates, and tools together

Enhance your team's collaboration and productivity by bringing together the right people, streamlined processes, and crucial information onto a unified platform using erxes.

  • Assign
  • Prioritize
  • Plan
  • Organize

See your projects from any angle

You can view your projects in different ways using erxes: as a dashboard, a timeline, a table, and more. These views help you see what needs to be done, letting you understand how the project is going overall and what tasks need attention each day.


Stay focused on what matters most

Effortlessly plan and prioritize by gaining visibility into all project details and their alignment with company goals. erxes allows teams to grasp the broader perspective, aiding in scoping and allocating resources for what truly matters.

Accelerate project delivery on a budget

Speed up workflows by centralizing project planning and cross-team collaboration within a single platform. Automations further enhance efficiency by eliminating repetitive tasks, resulting in a streamlined system for swift execution!


Automation ensures a smooth workflow

Create efficient automated workflows swiftly, saving time on repetitive tasks. Establish recurring or condition-based workflows that operate automatically, in minutes. Streamline your processes effortlessly, freeing up valuable time for more impactful work.

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