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Product Update | June

Nauren Batjargal2023-07-05

We are happy to announce the newest product update for June. Our team has been working hard to fix reported issues, improve existing features, and make our product work even better. Let’s take a closer look at the enhancements and fixes that are included in this release. Highlight ✨ The standout feature of this month’s […]

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Product Update | May

Nauren Batjargal2023-06-13

We are excited to announce the latest product update for the month of May. Our team has been hard at work to address reported issues, refine existing features, and optimize the overall performance of our product. Let’s dive into the details of the enhancements and fixes that await you in this release. Bug Fixes 🐞 […]

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Investor Update | April

Nauren Batjargal2023-05-26

We are pleased to present the April activity report of erxes Inc. for your review. ONE: erxes Mongolia  1.Building with a lease Erxes offers a cutting-edge online personal leasing system designed specifically for real estate developers and construction companies. Our comprehensive system provides numerous advantages, making leasing procedures efficient and hassle-free. Here are some key […]

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Roadmap 2023

Nauren Batjargal2023-05-15

We are excited to unveil our highly-anticipated 2023 product roadmap 🤩 Our primary goal for this year is to enhance your experience with erxes by introducing several new plugins and upgrading existing features to new versions. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at what we have in store for erxes in 2023. Improvement […]

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Product Update | April

Nauren Batjargal2023-05-03

Bug Fixes & Improvements🐞 Inbox  Now available to create two cards from a single conversation When email is connected through IMAP mail activity log is now visible on customer history Cards The reminder notification is now sent to customers when the close dates of Fix-Deal, Task and Ticket are approaching Fixed the squeezed view when […]

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From Failure to Success: A Story of erxes

Nauren Batjargal2023-04-28

At erxes Inc., we believe in using open-source technology and involving the community to build our software. We had some unsuccessful projects before, which taught us that developing software for businesses can be expensive and time-consuming. We were paying a lot of money for various tools, so we decided to create an open-source platform that […]

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Elevate Your Marketing Strategy with Campaign Plugin

Nauren Batjargal2023-04-24

To optimize your business success, it’s essential to incorporate marketing campaigns that leverage email and chat platforms. These efforts not only promote a business’s products and services but also foster customer loyalty by incentivizing repeat purchases. Moreover, real-time engagement with customers on chat platforms through chat marketing can enhance the customer experience and build relationships. […]

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Investor Update | March

Nauren Batjargal2023-04-19

Warm greetings to you, dear investors of erxes Inc.! Please have a look at the news of the company’s activities for the past month. ONE: erxes Mongolia erxes Partnership program  Erxes Inc. has taken a bold step towards improving Mongolia’s competitiveness on the global stage by making its source code open to the public. As […]

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Why Open Source is the way to go?

Nauren Batjargal2023-04-14

Open source has become increasingly popular among individuals and companies in the field of software development. Over the years, open source software has proven to be a reliable and efficient alternative to closed-source software. More and more companies, including erxes, have recognized the benefits of going open source. Find out why open source is the […]

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Achieving successful Sales Management

Nauren Batjargal2023-04-11

A sales pipeline illustrates a potential customer’s journey through each phase of your sales process, encompassing all opportunities being managed by sales representatives regardless of their age or maturity. Salespeople utilize the pipeline to monitor where prospects stand in the sales process and determine the best course✨of action to take. The more control and visibility […]

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Why CRM is necessary to run a successful business?

Nauren Batjargal2023-04-07

Organizations employ Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategies, processes and technologies to optimize interactions with current and potential clients. Typically focusing on sales, marketing, support and service arenas.  Having a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is essential for running a successful business ✨. It provides a centralized customer database that helps manage customer information and gain […]

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Product Update | March

Nauren Batjargal2023-04-05

Timeclock Plugin is placed on SaaS File manager plugins alpha version development completed. It will be uploaded to the marketplace soon. Connection with the Corporate gateway service of Khan Bank was made Updated the API on as known as the developer guide. Github doc has been updated. Added ui-local RabbitMQ has been decoupled from […]

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