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Security Breach on Test Server Database: An Update and Apology

MJ Amartaivan2022-12-20

Hello everyone, We wanted to inform you about a security breach that occurred on our TEST server database. While this test server database was not a live or production (SaaS or Enterprise clients’) database, it did include some of our customer information, such as username, name, and email address. We want to be open, transparent, […]

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Top 10 reasons why should digital marketing agencies need to use open-source Hubspot alternative erxes

MJ Amartaivan2022-12-03

Digital marketing agencies often rely on a variety of tools to help them manage and execute their marketing strategies. One tool that has gained popularity in recent years is Hubspot, a powerful platform that offers a range of marketing, sales, and customer service solutions. While Hubspot has proven to be an effective tool for many […]

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Investor Update | November

Nauren Batjargal2022-12-03

We would like to update you on the latest news regarding erxes Inc. and its activities last November. ONE: erxes Mongolia and around the World On November 23, erxes Inc. successfully organized the “erxes Investors Day 2022” appreciation event for its investors. During the event, the co-founders and executives provided detailed information about the highlights […]

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Using erxes to dominate the local Health and Fitness Industry

Nauren Batjargal2022-12-02

You can use erxes to grow your health or fitness focused business to beat the competition. erxes gives you the ability to control every aspect of your business from sales, marketing, internal organization and so much more. The plugins we offer give you a range that you can’t get anywhere else. Market your gym with […]

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How can SaaS providers use erxes effectively?

Nauren Batjargal2022-11-29

The reason SaaS providers MUST use erxes is Tracked data.  erxes can allow you to get data from the logged-in users of your SaaS or app to erxes, where you can use those data for many purposes. You can track your customers’ actions starting from signing up to what they’re doing, their behavior, frequency of […]

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erxes launches XOS v1.0

Nauren Batjargal2022-11-06

We’re delighted to announce our upcoming erxes XOS v1.0 launch at the Product Hunt on 10th Nov. Dec 2021, we made a huge decision that would affect our entire product architecture and all existing features as we needed a better way to maintain the smooth operation of all our functionality, so we went back to […]

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Invester Update | October

Nauren Batjargal2022-11-02

Check out Erxes Inc.’s activity report for last October to get an update on the company’s latest developments and achievements. ONE: Erxes in Mongolia and around the world “Erxes Investor Day 2022” Join us at the “erxes Investors Day 2022” appreciation event to celebrate and express our gratitude to our investors who have placed their […]

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Introducing a plugin-based architecture

Nauren Batjargal2022-10-12

We started erxes with the mission of making marketing technology accessible for all companies at any stage, including the ones in their early days.  Due to marketing being inextricably linked to other aspects of business, such as finance, core operations, and human resources, we’ve expanded our business scope to include many additional features that are […]

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Investor Update | September

Nauren Batjargal2022-10-03

We are excited to share the latest news about our company’s activities from September. ONE: erxes in Mongolia “Digital Erdenet 2022”  Last September, Erxes participated in the “Digital Erdenet 2022” event held in Erdenet, Mongolia. We successfully organized the closing event of the “Bootcamp to Work 2022” program. The event was aimed at introducing new […]

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Investor Update | August

Nauren Batjargal2022-09-07

Good day to you! Please have a look at erxes Inc’s activity report for last August. ONE: erxes in Mongolia We are proud to have launched the first-ever internship program in Mongolia for creative young people who are eager to learn and develop. The three-month program was a huge success, with over 70 students participating […]

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Changing the license to AGPLv3 with the Enterprise Edition

Nauren Batjargal2022-08-30

Since its initiation, erxes has used an open-source license to ensure marketing technology is accessible for companies at any level, especially the ones in their early stages and angencies. What made us change the license in the first place? On the way to releasing erxes XOS, we changed our license into AGPLv3 from “fair-code distributed […]

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A story of erxes XOS

Nauren Batjargal2022-08-24

Five years ago, we started erxes after being frustrated at paying almost +90% of our revenue to the number of tools, including Hubspot & Intercom, as a Digital Marketing Agency called The New Media Group in Mongolia. Initially, we thought we would start developing the software that would solve our unique problem, which takes parts […]

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