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Product Update | Feb 2021

Nauren Batjargal2021-03-09

The highly requested Search feature is live now, along with other improvements in Tags, Segments, Campaign, and many more.

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Inspiring Women in Tech

Nauren Batjargal2021-03-05

March 8 of every year is observed as International Women’s Day (IWD) to celebrate women for their immense contribution towards national development and raise awareness on the need for gender equality in all spheres of life. This year, we’re paying tribute to the tireless and important work of a diverse group of women in technology and science.

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Product Update | Dec and Jan 2021

Nauren Batjargal2021-02-10

We’ve had some great new updates and improvements these past few months. Customers can now download the app for iOS or android and manage their businesses on the go!

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Interview with erxes COO and co-founder Nauren

Anu-Ujin Bat-Ulzii2021-02-01

erxes co-founder and COO Nauren gave an interview during the Startup Week Ulaanbaatar 2021, part of the Startup Grind Mongolia. During the interview she talks about the erxes business models and the newly launched ERXS offering.

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Holiday Playlist 2020: curated by the erxes community

Nauren Batjargal2020-12-17

This holiday season we’ve asked the erxes community to curate a holiday playlist that represents the past, present and the future. Here is the list of songs you’ve suggested!

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Response to the recent incident

Nauren Batjargal2020-12-14

On Friday Dec 4 we had a series of unfortunate events. For full transparency, we’re covering the full incident in this blog post, including what went wrong and what measure we’ve taken so far.

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Product Update | Oct and Nov 2020

Nauren Batjargal2020-12-04

In this product update we’re introducing the Global Profile, Webhook and two new beta features Dashboard and Calendar. Also, we’ve made improvement throughout the platform.

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Putting our community at the heart of company growth

MJ Amartaivan2020-11-24

Today, we achieved an exciting milestone for the entire erxes community. Our company equity, ERXS, is now accessible on our website as a Continuous Securities Offering (CSO).

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erxes announces Continuous Securities Offering

Anu-Ujin Bat-Ulzii2020-11-24

erxes Inc., the company behind erxes, announces its continuous securities offering (CSO) at a price of $1.83 per $ERXS.

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Investing in erxes

Nauren Batjargal2020-11-17

erxes is now the first open-source growth marketing software to launch a continuous securities offering (CSO)! CSO allows us to share our financial success not just with industry insiders but also with our community members.

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Introducing Botpress chatbot on erxes messenger

Anu-Ujin Bat-Ulzii2020-11-11

We’re introducing the Botpress chatbot that works with erxes messenger! Botpress is a low-code open-source platform that enables you to build AI chatbots without coding skills.

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Use your company branding on erxes

Nauren Batjargal2020-10-08

We’re excited to offer our customers individual white-label feature! Use your own custom domain and branding for erxes.

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