Solutions for Marketing

Create and track personalized campaign with automation

Enhance marketing strategies by personalizing campaigns, simplifying workflows, automation and understanding customers.


Enhance marketing efficiency through performance
tracking, automation, and seamless team collaboration

Marketing efficiency

Boost your marketing team's efficiency by tracking marketing performance, automating processes, and ensuring seamless collaboration from brainstorming to campaign launch.

Track Campaign Performance

Access essential campaign metrics like 'Delivered,' 'Opened,' 'Clicked,' and more to evaluate campaign effectiveness, make data-driven optimization decisions, and address issues in real-time to ensure campaign success.

Marketing Automation

Save your valuable time by putting your team’s most repetitive tasks such as sending email drip campaigns, lead scoring, follow-ups, etc., on auto-pilot. 

Manage Complex Work Easily

Enhance team-wide transparency and streamline workflows by visualizing progress towards goals. With erxes, you can provide everyone with clear timelines and the confidence to work more efficiently, reducing redundancy.



Elevate conversion rates with personalized marketing campaigns

Personalized marketing efforts

Enhance your marketing by using customer data to create personalized campaigns and emails, tailored to specific customer groups.

Understand Your Customers with Tracked Data

With erxes messenger, you can track customer data, gather valuable insights from their interactions, and gain a deeper understanding of your customers, allowing you to send more relevant content.

Create Target Customer Groups with Segmentation

Segmenting customers based on shared characteristics enables you to customize your marketing messages, products, and services for specific customer groups. This allows you to effectively address the unique needs and preferences of each segment.

Build Custom Campaigns & Email Templates

Customize campaigns and email templates to create highly personalized and visually appealing marketing materials, increasing the relevance of your messages, leading to higher open rates, click-through rates, and conversions.


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  • What is Solutions?expand_more
    These solutions showcase erxes' adaptability across various industries organizational roles. Leveraging erxes' array of plugins, widgets, and integrations, you can effectively address various areas and fulfill the needs of different team roles. If you're interested in discovering how erxes can benefit your industry and support your organizational roles, we encourage you to connect with us. Reach out through our Web Chat located in the bottom right corner of Alternatively, you can join our Discord community. If you prefer a more personalized discussion, you can schedule a call with us via here. We look forward to assisting you!
  • Is it possible to buy just one of the components included in this solution?expand_more
    We offer various alternative bundles like XM for SaaS, XM for Frontline, and more that may suit your needs. You can explore these options on our product page. If you're interested in using a single feature without a bundled product, you can visit our marketplace to see the individual features we offer.
  • Will erxes help me and my team get started with the software?expand_more
    Certainly! When you get started on your journey with erxes, you can expect a comprehensive onboarding process to guide you through the initial setup and profile building. This ensures that you can quickly get up to speed and make the most of erxes.

    In addition to the onboarding process, erxes offers a Support Service that aims to assist you in leveraging erxes to its fullest potential. Check it out on our marketplace.
  • How much it costs to get all features included in these solutions ?expand_more
    The pricing structure offers flexibility depending on whether you choose bundled packages or individual plugins. Our bundles start at $49.00 per month, and individual plugins are available for just $5.00 per month, each with specific usage limits. As your requirements expand, you have the freedom to upgrade the limits for each feature to accommodate your growing needs.

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