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Your digital office that connects employees across the organization enabling you to build communities, share knowledge and engage employees.


Identify your customers' pain points and provide
support services at the right time

Customer Care

Eliminate customer friction to ensure seamless service delivery, enhance the overall customer experience, and boost customer retention.

Customer Communication

Interact with your customers through their preferred communication channels and centralize all messages and emails into a single shared inbox. Optimize communications with features like @mention, assign and internal notes.

Ticket Management

Provide a dedicated platform for your customers to submit queries and tickets, enabling them to track each request in real-time and receive updates as they happen.

Digital Help Center

Create a library of help articles, allowing your customers to easily access solutions and answers to their issues. Empower your customers to resolve problems independently and enhance their self-service experience.



Plan, develop and launch, all-in-one place

Product management

Optimize the efficiency of the entire development process with a versatile workspace that unites diverse teams, multiple tools, and collective knowledge all in one place.

Product Roadmap

Keep your engineering, product, and stakeholder teams on the same page with visual roadmaps of your product strategy, helping teams align on goals and priorities.

Bug & Issue Tracking

Collect bug and issue requests, converting them into tasks for your team's priority list. You can also connect related issues, apply tags, and organize your backlog using custom fields and statuses.


Engage in collaboration with engineers, product managers, and scrum masters, making it simple to exchange updates on progress and future objectives.



Engage your employees to enhance efficiency
and create incredible innovations.

Employee engagement

A central space for companies to connect with employees, simplify internal communication and foster employee engagement.

Employee Engagement

A news feed for sharing company news, recognizing employee achievements and promoting collaboration. Ultimately creating a more positive and connected workplace environment.

Internal Networking

Bring everyone in the company together on a single communication platform accessible from any device, eliminating the need for external messaging platforms.

Employee Directory

Explore the team member directory, where you can dive into individual profiles to strengthen connections and enhance your grasp of the company's structure.



Create personalized marketing and automate
your marketing efforts.

Marketing automation

Automate the custom marketing strategies for individual consumers or segments, delivering content or offers that align with a person's specific interests and needs.


Allows businesses to target different audience groups with tailored messages, enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of the campaigns.

Custom Campaign

Connect with your audiences with custom email campaigns that enable you to deliver content, offers, and messages that directly resonate with audience\u2019s interests. View performances of each campaigns to continuously improve your campaign.


Make your marketing more efficient and engaging by automating tasks to deliver personalized content to the right audience at the right time, automate cross-functional operations, manage data in bulk, and more.


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  • What is Solutions?expand_more
    These solutions showcase erxes' adaptability across various industries organizational roles. Leveraging erxes' array of plugins, widgets, and integrations, you can effectively address various areas and fulfill the needs of different team roles. If you're interested in discovering how erxes can benefit your industry and support your organizational roles, we encourage you to connect with us. Reach out through our Web Chat located in the bottom right corner of Alternatively, you can join our Discord community . If you prefer a more personalized discussion, you can schedule a call with us via here. We look forward to assisting you!
  • Is it possible to buy just one of the components included in this solution?expand_more
    We offer various alternative bundles like XM for SaaS, XM for Frontline, and more that may suit your needs. You can explore these options on our product page. If you're interested in using a single feature without a bundled product, you can visit our marketplace to see the individual features we offer.
  • Will erxes help me and my team get started with the software?expand_more
    Certainly! When you get started on your journey with erxes, you can expect a comprehensive onboarding process to guide you through the initial setup and profile building. This ensures that you can quickly get up to speed and make the most of erxes. In addition to the onboarding process, erxes offers a Support Service that aims to assist you in leveraging erxes to its fullest potential. Check it out on our marketplace
  • How much it costs to get all features included in these solutions ?expand_more
    The pricing structure offers flexibility depending on whether you choose bundled packages or individual plugins. Our bundles start at $49.00 per month, and individual plugins are available for just $5.00 per month, each with specific usage limits. As your requirements expand, you have the freedom to upgrade the limits for each feature to accommodate your growing needs.

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