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Save time, manage your projects, monitor your team and increase your productivity in just a few clicks. Erxes helps to turn chaos into clarity.

Unlimited number of board and pipelines

You can create an unlimited number of tasks on each of your brands and channels. And Erxes provides filter views by:

  • checkCompanies
  • checkCustomers
  • checkPriority
  • checkTeam members
  • checkLabels
  • checkDue dates

Task view with all the necessary information

To turn chaos into clarity, Erxes provides all must have task management tools. You can track all task details, including deadlines, assigned people, updates on workflow and task conversations/comments.


Connected information

Tasks in Erxes connect to other items in Erxes, including sales pipeline stages, tickets and contacts - so team members stay on the same page easily.


Keep up with your calender

Add the deadline of a task to your calendar, and get notifications when things become overdue. Erxes helps you be on time.


Work together in one place, not ten. And take your business to the next level

Erxes management task includes all must be features lead to success. Team members can attach documents, add process notes, deadlines, checklists and all related information. Bringing everyone in one board with different tasks will make team members be informed and updated.
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