A Simple, Secure and Powerful Application for One of the Leading Banks in Mongolia

Supporting the institution’s growth objectives by centralizing the CRM system with an all-in-one growth marketing tool.

The Challenge

Golomt Bank works in a highly-regulated sector that manages confidential and private information. Thus, the bank is not able to use the usual Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms for customer relationship management (CRM). But, as the business had developed, the approach to CRM had not kept up. The bank had been using Zopim by Zendesk, Form & Pop-ups by Hubspot to gather the information and respond to client enquiries. 

This major bank held vast quantities of customer data, but did not store or manage it centrally. Duplicate data resulted in a large, poorly curated and unstable customer database. Since the bank couldn’t use it in a customer centric way, it was hard to meet customer needs in the same way some of its competitors might be able to.

Furthermore, duplicate entries and unreliable data created extra costs associated with some services. Also, it was difficult to accurately plan budgets for customer facing activities. On top of it all, bank staff had to sign-in to many social accounts for different products and brands. This resulted in complex operational activities.

Choosing erxes

Many core features of erxes immediately appealed to the firm. The self-hosted deployment would give them complete control over data with no third-party monitoring. The bank’s IT team would have full access to the source code, servers APIs and libraries. These aspects enabled them to develop the system as a fully bespoke solution.

Out of the box, erxes delivers a multi-brand and omni-channel solution for more than 10 websites, 20 social media accounts and 50 different forms. It also provides in-app messaging, video-calling and screen sharing for smart banking. It was an attractive and versatile solution, which would transform the bank’s customer facing activities.

Delivering the Project

As an open access platform, the level of necessary support differs from client to client. The skills of the in-house team and the extent of required customization determines the client’s support needs. For Golomt Bank we provided a full installation service with some custom development. Once completing this step, we provided training for some departments. We supported the system administrators, customer support, sales and marketing teams. We also put in place a process for ongoing support.

The Results

Now the bank had an all-in-one tool for customer support, sales and marketing. It also provided accurate data and a payment platform based on a per-user fee. The fact there are no feature tiers or limits on the number of emails or contacts ensures that there are no operational constraints:

“erxes has saved us time and money while pushing us to become a more customer centric bank.”

The senior team at the bank have noted many benefits. The bank improved performance and saved time and money, whilst becoming much more customer centric. Also, it has become easy to achieve data compliance. The centralized CRM system has supported the institution’s growth objectives.

“We take data compliance very seriously. erxes offered a self-hosted solution along with a modern all-in-one growth marketing solution.”

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