Creating a Holistic Solution for Mongolia’s Largest Conglomerate

With its companies operating separately, this conglomerate was missing opportunities for growth. Learn how they fostered business synergies and a customer centric approach with this “one tool to rule them all.”

The Challenge

The fundamental challenge for Tavan Bogd Group was each of their companies operating separately. This meant separate customer databases, toolsets and social media accounts. They could not leverage any economies of scale and joint efforts. It needed a central system to manage these complex databases and account details.

None of the tools used by the subsidiaries were particularly effective. It led to a culture where customers weren’t at the heart of the firm’s initiatives.

Choosing erxes

Tavan Bogd were particularly interested in many features available through erxes. Self-hosted deployment would ensure security and privacy. The IYT team would be able to have access to the source code, servers’ APIs and libraries. Most importantly, it would provide a centralized solution.

The firm would adopt a customer centric approach and support synergies by managing over 20 websites, 100 social accounts and 500 forms from one place.

Outside of SaaS platforms, there are no other options in the market as comprehensive or flexible as erxes. There are also no other on-premises solutions like erxes.

“The main driver was an all-in-one platform with ease of use and quick onboarding. Really, we see no competitors. There’s been no turning back.”

Delivering the Project

We worked with Tavan Bogd to connect the CRM activities of 100 individual businesses. We created a single location where 20 of them had access to information from across the group.

Inevitably, some subsidiaries are not able to exchange information. In those cases, these companies can see their own data, but it protects data belonging to other subsidiaries.

Once we installed the system, we provided training and customized it for each of the companies within the group.

The Results

For Tavan Bogd the most important features were the all-in-one tool for customer support, sales and marketing. The ease of deployment and simple onboarding impressed them. It also ensured staff could use the full capabilities of the platform.

Everyone in the business has benefitted from more accurate data. Now it syncs across many businesses and the firm can manage and budget for other tools they use.

There have also been significant productivity improvements and revenue gains. Now their companies can operate from a centralized sales, marketing and customer support facility.

“The speed and velocity of the platform and the direction it’s going means we’ll be able to always stay on the cutting edge of tech. There isn’t anything even close to erxes on the market.”

The senior team at Tavan Bogd

About Us

erxes Inc is the second generation of tech entrepreneurs in Mongolia. With over 8 years’ experience, we are proud to be a part of a pioneering movement to raise the profile of our country on the global stage. We believe in the untapped brilliant minds of young people who can start leading the way in the IT Industry on a global scale.

erxes helps businesses to attract and engage more customers while delivering high lead conversion. Marketing, sales and customer service tools are merged into a single platform for greater output. And the best part is that erxes is an Open (Source) platform.

Features of Our Platform

  1. Open Source: An open core platform means your team retains control over the service’s technical roadmap and your team is free to develop additional features without restriction. Supported by a vibrant open source community.
  2. Security: erxes offers all-in-one growth marketing solution behind the banking industry firewall. Run your complete Growth Marketing lifecycle under your existing security and IT policies. Deploy to public, private or hybrid clouds with full access to source code and total control of your single-tenant system.
  3. Privacy: Clients’ IP address, usage patterns, the contents of your messages — SaaS services know more about your company than you do. In contrast, erxes provides the benefits of all-in-one marketing solution without sacrificing privacy.
  4. Legal Compliance: Consumer data protection laws, data regulations, GDPR and even non-disclosure agreements are complex and ever-changing, with heavy penalties for breach. Self-hosting your marketing, sales, and customer support simplifies compliance and reduces risk.
  5. Extensibility: erxes offers enterprise-grade customization with complete access to source code, UI text files, APIs, drivers, and a wide array of open-source integrations and samples. Whether it’s branding the login page or white-labeling mobile apps, the enterprise is in total control.
  6. Scalability: erxes was built ground-up for enterprise with a single-tenant private cloud architecture offering high availability and horizontal scaling. Tens of thousands of users can operate out of a single team and hundreds of teams can be deployed in an enterprise.