How this SaaS company uses erxes to help twice as many customers

Before they started using erxes in 2019, Erkhet, an accounting software company, was overburdened by customer support. Now, Erkhet helps twice as many customers in less than half the time!

Executive Summary

Before they started using erxes in 2019, Erkhet, an accounting software company, was overburdened by customer support. A small team and over a thousand clients meant too much energy was being spent keeping up with client interaction. Erkhet wanted to free up their time to focus on moving the company forward and improving its product.

With erxes, Erkhet monitors, analyzes, and responds to all their client inquiries in one centralized place. Instead of spending most of their time on customer support, they’ve been able to focus on product development. 

Now, Erkhet helps twice as many customers in less than half the time! Even better, they’ve been able to reduce the occurrence of customer complaints by 23%. 100% of the problems they do handle are resolved within 24 hours. 

The Client 

Erkhet is a small, ambitious software firm based in Mongolia. Established in 2011, their software manages accounting, Point of Sale (POS), discounting, and reservations for small and midsized companies. Just eight people work at the company, but over a thousand businesses use their software!

Erkhet has big dreams of continuing to grow and contribute to Mongolia’s economy. That means they need to prioritize efficiency and never stop planning for the future. 

The Challenge 

Before they started using erxes, the Erkhet team was sinking too much time into customer support. Assisting their clients were so time-consuming that over half their team was made up of customer support specialists. 

Customers contacted them for help across many social media accounts, and staff were struggling to keep track. This led to a lot of wasted time: staff were manually signing in and out of all the accounts to respond to their clients.

The lack of a centralized system for managing all their customer interactions made it difficult to identify trends and common issues. This made it difficult for the team to pinpoint their software areas in clear need of improvement. 

For a growth-focused company like Erkhet, being constantly mired in customer service was a real problem. They wanted the time and space to focus on the big picture rather than getting held up with day-to-day issues. The messages and feedback were important, but they needed a better way to collate, analyze, and respond to them all. 

The Solution 

As Erkhet found out, inefficient processes can quickly destroy a company’s productivity. To help their team reclaim its time, finding a better way to manage customer experience became a priority. The solution was erxes, which Erkhet started using in 2019.

From the Team Inbox section, Erket can see all their customer inquiries across channels in one easily accessible place. Adopting erxes meant they could offer their customers the convenience of reaching out whenever they want, without sacrificing speedy response times or staff efficiency. 

Because all their customer inquiries were collected and organized together, they could pick out the most frequently asked questions and create ready-made tickets for their IT team. This saved time and headaches not just for staff, but for customers too. They’re also able to track the volume of team member response rates and inquiries in specific categories.

erxes’ Response Templates make it much faster and easier for Erkhet to respond to their hundreds of customer inquiries every day. The premade answers can also be categorized according to areas customers commonly need assistance with, making the customer support process even faster.

With erxes’ Integrations, the Erket team can also manage all their social media accounts directly from the Team Inbox, including replying to comments and converting customer messages into a deal or marking them for follow-up.

The Results 

Erxes helped Erket save staff time and gain in-depth knowledge about customer issues. That meant they were able to prevent issues from arising in the first place by taking a proactive approach and improving their product.

This increased focus on product development reduced the number of problems reported by 23% in 2020 – just one year after using erxes! 

Not only is their customer support faster, but it’s more effective, too. erxes’ templates keep responses accurate and consistent across interactions, allowing them to resolve 100% of customer issues within 24 hours.

Previously, five of their eight staffers were focused on customer service. With erxes, just two people can now handle customer support needs, freeing up more of their team to focus on long-term company goals. But even with fewer staff hours, Erkhet is assisting twice as many customers!

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