Refocusing the Customer Journey with erxes

Elevating the customer journey by effectively managing data, customer support, marketing, and sales team with a single tool – erxes.

The Challenge

With hundreds of thousands of customers across the country rely on a safe and secure mobile network. Keeping customer data safe is a major priority for Skytel. The telecommunications sector is heavily regulated in Mongolia. As a result, Skytel can not use customer relationship management SaaS platforms like other businesses.

A particular challenge with continuous innovation in tech is the number of different tools you need to keep the business running. To enable the technological developments of the last two decades, you need several tools. But often, effectively sharing customer data between them is tricky.

This created many databases with data inaccuracies. Also, sharing information and managing these tools caused a complex integration process. The senior team at Skytel were keen to become more customer-centric.

Choosing erxes

To become more customer-focused, any solution needed to be able to control customer data and follow regulations. At much lower cost, erxes could offer the same benefits as any proprietary solution would. Self-hosted deployment on the firm’s premises offered the level of reassurance Skytel was looking for. The client would also have full access to source code, server APIs and libraries.

One of the great things about erxes is that we can open the platform to inside developers.

The Results

The organization managed their customer support, marketing, and sales team with a single tool. Combined with improved data management, this elevated the customer journey significantly. Skytel was particularly impressed with the ease of installation and adoption:

erxes is so easy to use and manage. We installed and deployed erxes in under an hour, and our whole support, sales, and marketing team is using it.

About Us

erxes Inc is the second generation of tech entrepreneurs in Mongolia. With over 8 years of experience, we are proud to raise the profile of our country on the global stage. The untapped brilliant minds of our young people can start leading the way in the IT Industry on a global scale.

erxes helps businesses to attract and engage more customers, while converting leads into wins. It merges marketing, sales, and customer service tools into a single platform for greater output. And the best part: it is an Open (Source) platform.

Features of Our Platform

  1. Open Source: An open core platform means your team retains control over the service’s technical roadmap. You are free to develop additional features without restriction. Supported by a vibrant open source community.
  2. Security: erxes offers all-in-one growth marketing solution behind the banking industry firewall. Run your complete Growth Marketing lifecycle under your existing security and IT policies. Deploy to public, private or hybrid clouds with full access to source code and total control of your single-tenant system.
  3. Privacy: Clients’ IP address, usage patterns, the contents of your messages — SaaS services know more about your company than you do. In contrast, erxes provides the benefits of all-in-one marketing solution without sacrificing privacy.
  4. Legal Compliance: Consumer data protection laws, data regulations, GDPR, and even non-disclosure agreements are complex and ever-changing, with heavy penalties for breach. Self-hosting your marketing, sales, and customer support simplifies compliance and reduces risk.
  5. Extensibility: erxes offers enterprise-grade customization with complete access to source code, UI text files, APIs, and drivers. It also enables you with a wide array of open-source integrations and samples. Whether it’s branding the login page or white-labeling mobile apps, the enterprise is in total control.
  6. Scalability: erxes was built ground-up for enterprise with a single-tenant private cloud architecture. Tens of thousands of users can operate out of a single team and deploy hundreds of teams in an enterprise.