erxes 1.01 Release: Bug Fixes, Enhancements, and New Features

Customer experience, XOS, erxes

erxes 1.01 has just been released, and it comes with a host of bug fixes, enhancements, and new features.

  • One of the major bug fixes included in this release is the customFieldsData empty value check in the isDiffValue function. This fix ensures that the function correctly handles empty values and prevents any errors from occurring.
  • Another bug fix is the removal of the plugin-empty-template, which addressed issue #3668. This change helps to streamline the code and improve the overall performance of the platform.
  • The contacts feature has also been improved with the addition of email and phone verification actions. This helps to ensure that the contact information is accurate and up-to-date.
  • The engages feature has also received some attention, with the removal of invalid visitor segmentType values. This helps to improve the accuracy and reliability of the feature.
  • In addition to these bug fixes, the 1.01 release also includes several enhancements. One of these is the improvement of the create plugin command line interface (CLI), and the addition of a create integration CLI. This makes it easier for users to create and manage plugins and integrations within the platform.
  • One of the new features in this release is the ability to create new child cards on the cards feature, including Sales pipeline, Task & Ticket management, and Growth Hacking. This allows users to better organize and manage their data within the platform.
  • The installation process has also been made more user-friendly with the addition of a docker-compose feature to the CLI. This allows users to easily set up and configure their erxes installation using Docker.
  • Other new features in this release include the addition of the documents feature. Plus, the ability to add extra fields to custom properties in the forms feature and the ability to easily integrate new integrations into the inbox.
  • The marketplace feature has also received some updates, including styling improvements, search bar fixes, and the removal of add-ons.
  • There have also been several performance improvements made in this release, including updates to the product/service edit form and the web builder UI. The message-broker feature now has a default waiting time of 10 seconds for RPC messages.
  • One breaking change to note is the addition of the hot reloader dependency to the plugin-ui’s webpack config. Users need to run the command “yarn install-deps” on every plugin-ui they are working on to install this dependency.

Overall, the 1.01 release of erxes brings several valuable improvements and new features to the platform. These updates help to make the platform more reliable, efficient, and user-friendly for all users.

Read the full release note on Github