erxes announces Continuous Securities Offering

23 November 2020

erxes Inc., the company behind erxes, announces its continuous securities offering (CSO) at a price of $1.83 per $ERXS.

True to erxes’ values of accessibility and inclusion, the company chose this new model of CSO because of its accessibility. Because it allows erxes to share its financial success not just with industry insiders but also with its community members.

About CAFE

erxes is offering a Continuous Agreement for Future Equity (CAFE), which allows investors to make cash investments in a company at any single time to get company equity at a later date.

The CAFE is a better way to fundraise that benefits the investors, entrepreneurs, and stakeholders at large. The CAFE has the following objectives:

  • give more control to the founders
  • more liquidity to investors
  • more access to stakeholders

ERXS represents future equity in erxes Inc. erxes allocated 14.88% of their equity to the ERXS offering. The price of ERXS will evolve with the demand for ERXS. It is available through, which uses a DeFi solution built on Ethereum.


  • Initial price: $1.83 per ERXS
  • Minimum investment: $300
  • Sell or transfer period: after 12 months
  • Open to anyone around the world & accredited US entities

About erxes Inc.

erxes is an open-source growth marketing software designed to optimize users’ multi-brand businesses. It wraps sales, marketing, and customer support into a single platform. erxes helps users connect with their customers without switching apps for every interaction. It offers a built-in messenger, team inbox, knowledge base, and many more. It can be self-hosted or used through the cloud version, aka SaaS.

Since launching in 2017, erxes has been on a mission to provide equal opportunities for growth for all types of businesses. erxes was chosen as one of the Top 100 startups during Echelon Asia Summit 2018. The following year, it was also one of the top 10 finalists of the Techsauce Global Summit Pitch Championship. MJ Amartaivan, Bat-Amar Battulga, and Nauren Batjargal founded erxes in 2017. Its headquarter is in California, with offices in Ulaanbaatar and Singapore.