erxes Mission, Vision and Values

Our vision is to be a place where everyone can create their unique experiences for the better.

Essentially, our mission is to create great experiences for +20% of the world’s population by the end of 2029. The perfect combination of many different experiences builds any successful business. XOS is the core infrastructure of every unique experience that overlaps with one another. Better experiences, a better life for everyone. 

Building the infrastructure of XOS that is being used by every SaaS provider and digital marketing technology agency, and even larger enterprises. 

Company objectives
Go beyond by creating real and life-changing experiences with our community members and customers (focus on open-source & SaaS), then get better by becoming the role model company that provides the best employee experience in the world (Infrastructure and enterprises). 

(Keep creating life-changing experiences with our community members (focusing on open-source, SaaS), then create the best employee experience internally (infustructure and enterprises).

  • Business objective Generate enough infrastructure revenue to bring erxes team to meet the seed stage.
  • Product objective Create +1000 real and life-changing experiences by the end of 2023.
  • Internal objective Hire the people who can care enough to walk in the customer’s shoes only with no hurry.

Monthly KPIs

  • Listen to customers and partners
  • Plan development milestones
  • Constantly re-check to make it better and better 

Core Value 

  • Customer Obsession 

We focus on customer experience and satisfaction and with that our decisions are based on the wants and needs of our customers. 

  • Open Source and Transparency 

We strongly advocate open and transparent community participation and collaboration. 

  • Growth mindset 

If the mindset is a lens, then a growth mindset is an empowering lens that has endless possibilities.

  • Remote but solid teamwork

Remote working encourages a higher level of communication, independence, and confidence, sparking creativity and productivity as a team. 

  • Inclusivity and diversity

We are demographically diverse (ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation) and experientially diverse (levels of expertise, socio-economic status) to create the perfect grounds for innovation.

  • Fail often, fail early 

We believe in a failure-positive culture that allows us to be transparent, wildly creative, and become a risk-taker, which ultimately disrupts the market.